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Athens Day Cruise(Hydra - Poros - Aegina) [NO. 2477] Double Check

D1 Athens
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Special rate for children
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feature of product

Route: Athens Day Cruise(Hydra - Poros - Aegina) [ Europe ]

Departure: Athens Time: 登船时间 7:10-7:40 登船地点:Marina Delta Kallitheas 实际请以出航船票为准。

End: Athens

Outline: Greece - Izra - Poros - Aegina - Greece

Discounts: No special rate for children

Attractions overview
  • Izra Island HYDRA
  • Poros POROS
  • Aegina AEGINA
  • PLATYTERA TON OURANON luxury cruise liner
  • Cosmos luxury cruise
Tour Overview
  • 2 Joining Points

  • Comfortable Bus/Car

  • Meals See Itinerary Introduction for more details about meal

  • Local English speaking service

  • --None

Day 1 Athens
At 08:00 in the morning, set off at the port and experience the Greek Aegean Sea by a cruise. First go to the "Island of the Artists" [Hydra of Idra], a charming island on the south side of Athens. The biggest feature of the island is the winding paths in the town, the white walls and the blue windows. The pink roof is typical of the Aegean architecture. After the tour, enjoy a self-service cruise lunch on the way to Poros Island, featuring local Greek food. Then come to Poros, the fresh and bright island of Wenhao Henry Miller, with green lemon trees and olive trees all over the island. Here you can stroll through the beautiful beaches, soak up the sun and enjoy the wide open sky. [Aegina Aegina] is a very cute island, famous for its delicious pistachios, and the pistachio trees are scattered all over the island. The beautiful Byzantine churches and ancient temples on the island make people linger. After visiting the three islands along the Aegean coast, we will return to the departure point by cruise and end the itinerary.
Athens Athens, group time: 08:00 on the group location: Trocadero Marina Flisvos (address: Flisvos Marina, Paleo Faliro, Athens 175 61) / Athens city (additional fees and contact us to confirm)
All day

2-10 years old: 89 euros; 0-2 years old: free (please contact customer service to change the price)

Note: It is necessary to arrive at the pier 15 minutes before the ship is opened. When the ship is not on board, the guest is deemed to voluntarily give up the journey.

The group is an English group. Due to the hot line, the order needs to be confirmed twice with our company.

  • Cosmos luxury cruise
  • PLATYTERA TON OURANON luxury cruise liner
  • Izra Island HYDRA
  • Poros POROS
  • Aegina AEGINA
[ Cosmos luxury cruise ]

The luxury cruise ship is 70 meters long, 10 meters wide and 3 meters high. It will be a jewel in the sea of the Saronic Islands. With a carrying capacity of more than 800 people, it will provide daily cruises in Poros, Aegina and Idra, with speeds of up to 16 nautical miles, making it a leader in cruises. Elegant and chic with 6 brand new bars and 5 spacious and luxurious lounges. It has an advanced audiovisual system, a modern kitchen and avant-garde amenities. In addition, the VIP area was specially designed and the number of people was 120. This comfortable and luxurious cruise is unprecedented in the cruise market. On this gem that cruises on the Gulf of Saronic, our VIP customers will have a five-star hotel-style vacation in an isolated luxury cabin. Our cruise ships meet the modern requirements of the 21st century and strictly comply with international modernization standards. Our extensive marine crew and well-trained staff will provide the highest level of quality service to our passengers. Board Cosmos and explore the Saronic Gulf in a comfortable way.

Cosmos buffet menu:

[Appetizers and Salads]

* Chef homemade fresh bread

*Mediterranean tuna salad

Premium savory tuna, freshly chopped local tomatoes, onions, lettuce, corn, lemon juice and extra virgin Greek olive oil

*Greek country salad

Use local tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, cut onions, green peppers, Greek cheese, Kalamata olives, oregano and extra virgin Greek olive oil

*Evermore Cruise Salad

Cherry small tomato, mixed green vegetables, walnuts, honey sauce and Parmesan cheese

[Main meal]

* lemon juice squid

Rosemary, extra virgin Greek olive oil, salt and garlic

*roast chicken

Marinated with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice, served with rosemary and lemon, garlic and salt.


Red sauce garlic, extra virgin olive oil, basil, black pepper, onion and greek cheese

*Traditional Greek Lemon Potatoes

Homemade sauce with lemon and mustard

*Indian rice

Herbal spice cooking


*Greek Baklava

Made from walnuts, syrup and honey

Note: The actual ingredients depend on the kitchen on board, please refer to the actual situation ~

[ PLATYTERA TON OURANON luxury cruise liner ]

The cruise ship is 53 meters long, 15 meters wide and 5.3 meters high. It was built in Greece in 1997 and refurbished in 2012. With a capacity of 800 people, including 450 indoor seats and 350 outdoor seating, it will provide daily cruises in Poros, Aegina and Idra, up to 16 nautical miles. Our cruise ships meet the modern requirements of the 21st century and strictly comply with international modernization standards. Our extensive marine crew and well-trained hotel staff will provide the highest level of quality service to our passengers.


[ salad]

Tomatoes, red and white cabbage, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, onions, Greek olives, Greek cheese served with stunt virgin olive oil and vinegar.


* Grape leaves stuffed with rice

*Fresh beets

*Traditional caviar salad

*Margaret Pizza

【main course】

*Mediterranean parsley marinated roast chicken

*Mediterranean parsley grilled fish steak

* Grilled mixed vegetables with stunt virgin olive oil

*Greek-style grilled pasta and beef sauce

*Vegetable rice

*baked beans


* Homemade walnut filling

 Note: The actual ingredients depend on the kitchen on board, please refer to the actual situation ~

[ Izra Island HYDRA ]

The island of Izra is located about 70 kilometers south of Athens. The waterway takes more than three hours and is a Mediterranean climate. The end of April is the peak season from April to October. The island has a population of about 28,000 people. The traffic is transported by donkey trailers and there are no motor vehicles. The beautiful scenery adds a lot of artistic inspiration to the island, so there is the name of the island of artists. Cohen, who sold hundreds of millions of records around the world, created a lot of moving songs on this island. The island of Izra was originally inhabited because its land was very poor and could not be farmed. According to records, the earliest inhabitants of the island were Mycenae. In the 16th century, a group of Albanian refugees fled here. They mainly robbed the passing ships at sea and made compulsive buying and selling for a living. The strange thing is that this is the reason for the island's development. The wealth that pirates have brought to them makes them use the sacks filled with gold coins to press them. In the 17th century, the island developed a powerful sea fleet. It once monopolized the maritime industry in the Mediterranean during the Napoleonic Wars. By 1821, the island had reached a population of 30,000.

[ Poros POROS ]

There is only a 400-meter strait between Poros and the Peloponnese. This island is the island of the great writer Henry Miller who is full of praise and beautiful scenery in his work "The Colossus of Marcy". Poros consists of two large and small islands, and today there is a small bridge connected. The tourist attraction is located in Poros Town on the west bank of Sfeily Island. The speedboat enters the port at the southern end of the west side of the town. Another island of Caravelle is surrounded by lemon and pine trees and green islands, dotted with beaches for relaxation.

[ Aegina AEGINA ]

In the ancient times, Aegina Island was the capital originally set up after the Greek War of Independence. It was located in the bay near Athens. The Athenians were tired and tired. Instead of drinking any supplements, they took a boat and ran to Ayi. Blow the air on the island, eat the grilled octopus, and then go back radiantly. It is hard to imagine that in the distant years, Aina City was once the enemy of the Athens city-state. In the centuries BC, the two city-states rushed to compete in the arms race culture, which led to the birth of a large number of ancient ruins. In the port of Aegina, the colorful ships are reminiscent of Bhaghur’s description of Aegina in The Ten Days: Constantine carries a beautiful and sad princess at the Aegean Sea. Drifting, a night of parking on Aegina Island made him wish and enjoy romance.

Breakfast: Self-care lunch: Greek special cruise buffet dinner: take care of yourself
Price Explanation
Cost includes
  • Round-trip cruise ticket fee
  • Greek special buffet lunch
  • Aegean party
  • Local English speaking service
*The day of use of the cruise ship is alternately used by the Cosmos luxury cruise ship and the Platytera Ton Ouranon cruise ship. The specific cruise ship is subject to the confirmation form.
Self-care expenses
  • Additional costs due to force majeure such as traffic delays, strikes, weather, aircraft, machine failure, flight cancellation or change time.
  • Other items not included in the above "Cost included".
  • Tickets for self-funded attractions: Guests can choose whether or not to participate according to their own wishes. After the tickets to the scenic spots, the crew on board will be charged.
Recommended activity reference (at your own expense)
Sightseeing ticket price
Aegina Island AEGINA Island Tour (including bus + ancient ruins tickets) 25,00€
The above is only the reference price, if the price is adjusted, it will be subject to the announcement at that time.
For self-funded projects, please cooperate with and obey the schedule of the staff on board, and take the schedule of the day as the main arrangement.
Recommended activity reference (at your own expense)
The above is only the reference price, if the price is adjusted, it will be subject to the announcement at that time.
For self-funded projects, please cooperate with and obey the tour guide's itinerary.

In order to protect your interests to the fullest extent, please read carefully the "Registration Instructions and Responsibilities Rules" of the Society. The "Registration Notices and Responsibilities Rules" of the Society are important matters for our company to inform the outbound tour members, and the Society's "Foreign Tour Safety Instructions and Others" "Notes" are part of the travel contract. We reserve the right to interpret the contents of this website.

(1) Registration process and precautions

For registration through this site, please read carefully all the terms and conditions published in our company website and in the order confirmation and the notice of the group. After you submit the order, our company will confirm and fully agree with the terms and conditions announced by our company; The members of the group violated the rules already mentioned in the articles, and all the consequences caused by the members shall be borne by the members.

1. When registering, please fill in the registration form first. Please fill in and check the information including name, gender, ID number, contact information, required room type, up and down the group, etc., because the individual fills in the wrong registration information. The company is not responsible for any losses caused by the company; if you need to purchase bus travel insurance, please provide additional information in the link provided on the registration page; after the successful submission, the company will send you an order confirmation; due to limited travel bus seats, the company The delegation will be arranged according to the priority of the account. Please arrange the payment within the effective time of the order after the verification is correct. If the overdue payment is not paid, the company will cancel the order without further notice.

2. Members must ensure that 100% of the tour fare is paid within five working days of the tour; due to the limited number of tour bus seats and hotel rooms, and the hotel room reservations are more time-limited, members who register within five working days before the tour Please take the initiative to complete the payment in time, otherwise the company has the right to reserve or cancel the order according to the specific situation without prior agreement with the applicant; the handling fee incurred by the payment of the group will be paid by the payer. Under the payment, please send the payment voucher (the flow list of the bank counter remittance, the screenshot of the online transfer success interface) to the company by email or fax. Please make sure to note the corresponding order number in the voucher, otherwise the financial cannot be verified. The account amount corresponds to the order; if due to the late payment time, the group still has not received the account 2 days before the end of the team, our company has the right to ask the member to mortgage the corresponding group cash to the tour guide, and if it is verified as double payment afterwards , our company will immediately return the overpaid group;

3. After confirming the payment of the members, our company will confirm the delegation for the members. The members will receive the notice of the delegation in the mailbox filled in the registration form three days before the delegation, including the tour guide, the itinerary, the delegation and other information. Reference; due to network delay or spam mailbox blocking function may cause members to not receive the notice of the group three days before the delegation, in case of this situation, please contact the relevant staff to help solve.

4. Our company defaults to the hotel room type arrangement according to the requirements of the members when registering. Special circumstances, such as the tourist season, due to insufficient number of individual hotel rooms or other uncontrollable reasons may cause room type changes, the members need to cooperate with our company; because the participants fill in the registration The on-site room arrangement caused by the wrong gender or room type requirements does not meet the requirements of the participants. The agency will make specific coordination and arrangement according to the remaining room on the day of the hotel, and the additional expenses incurred will be borne by the members.

5. If members of the group need to leave the group in mid-term due to special circumstances, they should take the initiative to submit it at the time of registration/signature and sign the “Departure Statement”, and leave the group for a minimum of 16 euros per night (if it is for the whole single room) If you do not live less than one night, the group fee will not be reduced. If the group member asks for a group departure on the way, they need to inform the tour guide and sign the “departure statement”. The fees paid are not allowed. Returned; members must provide real information on health and identity in the registration and itinerary, fill in relevant information truthfully, and perform legal procedures. If the expenses and losses caused by personal reasons such as physical discomfort during the journey are borne by the members themselves, visitors with special medical history (such as those with severe, terminal illness or infectious diseases) must be truthfully stated. In view of the health status of tourists or other reasons, our company reserves the right to accept customers.

6. For those who are over 70 years old, they must be accompanied by a family member and fill in the "Declaration of Participation". If they are accompanied by their family members and insist on signing up for the delegation, our company has the right to refuse to accept the case. All the consequences caused by the members themselves during the travel process shall be borne by the members;

7. If the participants are pregnant women, they must be truthfully stated when applying for registration; if the pregnancy period of pregnant women exceeds 24 weeks, in principle, it is not recommended to participate in the delegation. If you insist on signing up for the delegation, you must be accompanied by a family member and fill out the Disclaimer, but I The company has the right to refuse according to the situation; if the pregnancy period is less than 24 weeks and insists on signing up for the delegation, a family member must accompany him and fill out the "Party Statement", but our company has the right to refuse. During the travel process, all the consequences caused by the personal reasons of the members shall be borne by the members.

8. Minors participating in the group must be accompanied by at least one adult and perform custody duties, responsible for the safety of minors; the members of the group shall be responsible for all consequences caused by the underage members themselves or the accompanying persons looking after the dereliction of duty.

9. The members of the team must confirm that all the information provided is accurate, and the personal phone number is especially important; if the wrong information provided by the members causes all consequences (such as: due to the expiration of the personal documents, or the type of visa does not meet the entry of the relevant country) Problems such as travel regulations can not lead to transit; the wrong mobile phone number provided by the participants causes the tour guide and other relevant staff to be unable to contact the participants, etc.), resulting in personal return expenses, transportation expenses, travel expenses, etc. The person bears it.

10. Please do not make any reservations for the ticket and various types of tickets associated with the registration itinerary before the order is confirmed. If the member's personal wishes are to book the ticket and various tickets related to the itinerary, but the registration will not be successful, all losses will be lost. It is the responsibility of the applicant.

(2) Travel group fees

1. The fee includes:

A luxury air-conditioned tour bus or other means of transportation specified in the itinerary.

European star hotel accommodation, breakfast in the hotel. (Note: One-day tour does not include hotel accommodation)

The experienced Chinese team will accompany the group and lead the tour.

2. The fee does not include:

Drivers, tour guides and tips.

Various meals in the itinerary.

The cost during free time.

Tickets, tickets and bridge fees for the self-funded tours listed in the itinerary.

The private expenses incurred by the members during the itinerary include: non-free food and beverage expenses on transportation, excess baggage fees; laundry, telephone, telegraph, beverage and alcoholic fees during the stay; hotel expenses for postponed stays; personal injury and medical expenses Find the cost and remuneration of lost items.

Various medical insurance, personal safety insurance and baggage insurance fees.

Additional costs incurred due to irresistible factors such as weather, traffic delays, strikes, vehicle breakdowns, personal problems and circumstances beyond our control.

All expenses after leaving the group.

Our company reserves the right of final interpretation of other expenses not listed in the preceding paragraph.

3. Offers and rules of use

Children under 6 years old have a 65% discount! *Note: Children do not occupy a bed. If you need a bed, please contact us! If you are an adult with a child, the child is full price.
For 5 or more people, each person will be reduced by 10 Euros.

Only one coupon can be used for an order.

Except for Travel Tongbao, which can be shared with other offers, other types of offers cannot be reused. If multiple terms are met at the same time, the highest offer is subject to the maximum discount.

For day trips, pick-up and drop-off machines can only use the travel treasure.

Kaiyuan agents of other travel agencies only enjoy a child under the age of 6 and the child does not occupy a 15% discount on the bed.

(3) Withdrawal


  • The company does not charge any cancellation fees for more than 7 days before departure.
  • 5-7 days before departure (including the 7th day), the company will charge 50% of the accounts receivable on the registration order;
  • Within 4 days before departure (including the 4th day), all the parking spaces have been confirmed, and the company will not refund the travel expenses you paid;

2. Change the group

  • More than 7 days before departure, no change fee will be charged;
  • 5-7 days before departure (including the 7th day), 30% change fee will be charged;
  • The parking space has been confirmed within 4 days (including the 4th day) before departure and cannot be changed.


* The receivables include basic group fees and surcharges.

Another: In the case of not retiring the group, the cancellation can be cancelled and modified for 7 days before the delegation, and can not be cancelled or modified within 7 days. Train tickets can be cancelled and changed before the ticket is issued. After the ticket is issued, the fee will be charged for 5 Euros. The refund will be charged for 10 Euros. After the ticket is collected, the ticket cannot be cancelled or changed. The company will not refund the payment. Train ticket fee.


For a day trip to the UK, the terms of the refund are as follows:


  • 10% of the tour fee is charged 7 days prior to departure;
  • 100% of the tour fee will be charged within 6 days (including the 6th day) before departure;

2. Change the group

  • 10% of the tour fee is charged 7 days prior to departure;
  • 100% of the tour fee will be charged within 6 days (including the 6th day) before departure.

If it is a day trip to Greece, it will not be refunded once confirmed.


  • If members of the group cannot participate in the tour on time, they may change to sign for the next tour. The terms of the change are based on the above.
  • If a member suddenly withdraws from the trip or does not participate in any group activities (such as meals or visits), he/she must fill out and sign the “Departure Retirement Statement” provided by our company, and the fees paid will not be refunded.
  • All of the above situations must be based on written notice, otherwise the company will not be held liable for any waiver.


(4) Obligations of the members

1. Members of the group may not engage in illegal activities during the travel process.

2. When exercising their rights, members of the group shall not harm the interests of the state, society, and the collective and the legitimate rights and interests of others.

3. Adhere to public order and respect social ethics. The members should respect the personality of the travel service personnel, respect and assist each other with other team members; respect the local ethnic customs and customs; and strictly prohibit the scribbling in the landscape and architecture, and must not spit or throw Uncivilized behavior such as garbage.

4. Try to master the knowledge needed for travel and improve your awareness of self-protection. Members can choose and purchase travel personal accident insurance and other insurance. During the travel process, they should properly keep their luggage items. Valuables should be carried with them or take other protective measures.

5. Please pay attention to the local climate and pay attention to children's safety when traveling.

6. Members who voluntarily participate in dangerous tourism projects included in formal travel itineraries, including rock climbing, mountain climbing, rafting, diving, bungee jumping, etc., may cause other personal disputes, such as other disputes, property damage or personal injury. The members of the group bear personal responsibility and do not involve the responsibility of our company.

(5) Responsibility

1. The company reserves the right to change the place of accommodation, travel itinerary and the date of visit and the date of the tour according to the specific circumstances.

2. In case of insufficient number of people, or problems with the ship's machine, etc., the company will retain the right to change and cancel the itinerary. In case of cancellation of the itinerary, the company will refund the fees or recommendations paid by the members. To choose a similar product replacement, the company does not need to be responsible for canceling any itinerary.

3. In the event of social unrest, terrorist activities, major infectious epidemics, natural disasters, natural disasters, turmoil, murder, riots, wars, etc., the company may not seriously control the personal safety disasters of the members, as well as weather, traffic, strikes, etc. The company reserves the right to cancel or replace any travel project before or after departure. It also has the right to shorten or extend the journey, but the team members should be notified in advance. The additional expenses or losses caused by the company are not related to the company, and members of the group may not object or withdraw.

4. Due to the different security issues in different countries, please pay attention to personal and traffic safety, and properly keep your belongings and luggage. If any loss or damage caused by loss, theft, robbery, etc. during the trip, please inform the team leader and should Timely alarm, our company does not bear any legal responsibility;

5. Members must carry valid passports and certificates with them. If there is a problem with the documents or passports, the delegation will be responsible for the withdrawal of the group. The remaining group fees will not be refunded. If it affects the normal course of other members, the members shall bear the corresponding liability for compensation.

6. A member of the team may experience personal injury or death in the event of an accident (such as an accident during entertainment or a game project, or illness, death, fall, fall, or member’s violation of the company’s treaty regulations and instructions) Property losses, related responsibilities and expenses shall be borne by the members; the company shall not be responsible for the loss of such casualties or property; if any losses are caused to our company, the members shall be liable for compensation.

7. If the member deliberately fails to abide by the rules or obstructs the normal activities and interests of the group, the company's team leader has the right to cancel the qualifications of the delegation, and the fees paid will not be refunded, and all the actions of the members after leaving the group have nothing to do with the company.

8. The time marked in the itinerary is the reference time. The actual arrival time may be delayed due to various force majeure reasons such as weather, traffic jams, traffic accidents, holiday events, riot strikes, etc. Please forgive me. If members have to follow other itineraries to travel to other cities, it is strongly recommended to reserve at least 3 hours of free time to avoid inconvenience caused by delays in travel delay. Our company is not responsible for any loss of self-scheduled itinerary due to the fact that the members have not reserved enough free time.


Instructions for the delegation

Overseas travel safety instructions and other considerations


In order to protect your interests to the fullest extent, please read carefully the "Overseas Travel Safety Notices and Other Precautions" of the Society. The "Overseas Travel Safety Instructions and Other Precautions" of the Society is an important matter for our company to advise outbound tour members. Registration Instructions and Responsibilities are part of the travel contract.

(1) Tips

1. Most of Europe's attractions have discounts for students, and students are advised to bring a student card.

2. European countries have different standards for plugs (eg Italian and Swiss plugs are different from German plugs), if you need, please bring your own different socket adapters.

3. For safety reasons, European car dealers require children to occupy their seats regardless of age; since most bus buses do not have a separate child safety seat, parents with children under the age of 3 can prepare themselves, but a child safety seat can only be used. Take a seat, so there is no guarantee that all your own safety seats will be suitable for coaches, so stay tuned.


(2) Safety instructions


1. The weather in Europe is changeable, so be sure to carry rain gear and thicker jackets with you.

2. Please take good care of your property and baggage; the company will not be responsible for any loss or theft.

3. Clearly fill in the name and contact method on the baggage for identification, and when the lost baggage is found, it is convenient to return the lost baggage. The relevant agencies (such as hotels, airlines, etc.) and the police should be notified as soon as possible. If it is not found in the end, the report paper must be retained to claim compensation from the relevant institution or insurance company (if there is insurance).


1. The tour guide will try to assist the members in need to arrange Chinese group meals. If the number of people who eat is not up to the number of group meals or because of holidays, business hours or other reasons (such as no Chinese restaurant in a small city), the tour guide will try to arrange Chinese food. Help arrange for guests to dine with fast food, Western food or at the supermarket or in the hotel. If the meal that needs to be arranged due to the itinerary does not meet the requirements of all the members, please forgive me; the members are recommended to bring mineral water and dry food with them in case of emergency.

2. Do not drink unclean water, do not eat unsanitary or odor-causing foods; when cooking in areas with poor sanitation, choose cooked food and packaged beverages.

3. Do not accept and consume cigarettes, food and drinks from strangers.

4. In order to prevent soil and water during the journey, bring a common or customary medicine. Patients with long-term illness should carry medical records for emergency use. Do not take the medicines provided by others at will.

5. Our company does not provide or arrange drinking. Members who like to drink alcohol should strictly control their own alcohol consumption during the journey. If there is any responsibility for drinking alcohol, disturbing social order, infringing on others or causing financial losses to third parties, the responsible person shall bear the responsibility.


1. Hotel facilities:

1 European cities are small in scale, the number of hotels in the city center is extremely limited, and the scale is small, the equipment is old, not as good as the level of similar hotels in China.

2 European hotels do not provide daily necessities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers, kettles, etc. Please bring your own daily necessities.

3 In the event of an exhibition or other major event, the company reserves the right to choose the hotel star rating.

4 If you reserve a hotel with the company that does not belong to the overnight city in the itinerary, the company reserves the right to choose the hotel star rating.

2. Hotel diet:

1 Hot water is not available in the European hotel room.

2 There is a certain gap between the hotel and the Chinese diet. The breakfast is relatively simple (the German breakfast is rich, the Italian breakfast is the simplest, only bread and coffee). The dinner is not full, and the quantity and quality are far from the domestic level.

3. Hotel room type:

1 The triple room is a large bed plus a small bed, only two adults are allowed to bring a child under 14 years of age.

2 For the general FIT, our company adopts the method of building a double room. If there is a single male and female, try to arrange a room or an extra bed with other same-sex friends. If necessary, you need to share the husband and wife. Please cooperate. For those who have a natural single room when the room is finally allocated, the room must be paid in advance; the company will try to help you to build a house. If there is a member before the departure, the room fee will be refunded.

4. Hotel check-in security tips:

1 Please keep your valuables safely, do not put them in the hotel room, avoid carrying a lot of cash and expensive watches or jewelry, keep your travel documents and belongings properly, and bring a set of travel documents and credit card photocopies to make it easier to make up for the loss. Use the credentials.

2 Please take good care of your belongings and luggage; the company is not responsible for any loss or theft.

3 Please do not smoke in the hotel room, and the resulting hotel fine will be paid by the perpetrator.

4 After staying at the hotel, you should know the safety instructions of the hotel, check if the windows of the room can be opened, and the location of the fire-fighting supplies, familiarize yourself with the safe exit of the hotel, the location of the safety stairs and the safe transfer route.

5 Please check if the hotel is equipped with all the necessary supplies, if there is any damage, if it is incomplete or damaged, please report it to the hotel attendant or tour guide immediately.

6 Don't tell strangers to the hotel or room where you live. Don't let strangers or maintenance personnel who claim to be in the hotel enter the room casually. Lock the door when entering or leaving the room. Pay attention to whether the door and window are closed before sleeping, and whether the safety lock is locked. , the best place to put it around, do not put it by the window and place.

7 When the members need to go out to stay at the hotel, they should inform the tour guide to pick up a hotel room card at the hotel's main desk. When there is a hotel address, phone number and lost on the card, you can ask for help on the card address.


1. On and off:

1 All members of the tour group must gather on time and start on time. Please arrive at the pick-up place 15 minutes in advance. Our company's tourist bus does not wait, fails to set up according to the agreed time and place, and fails to join in the middle. It is regarded as automatic. Give up, the cost is not refundable.

2 The time on the website is marked as the estimated time. The specific boarding and pick-up time is subject to the confirmation of the company. (In case of traffic conditions or other special circumstances, the company bus cannot arrive at the pick-up place on time or temporarily change the time. The company will notify you in time, please be patient.)

3 Buses are divided into three types: bus, CMB and 9 minibuses: the general bus has a baggage compartment for storing luggage, while the CMB and 9 minibuses have relatively small space for storing luggage; given the limited space in the baggage compartment of the bus, It is recommended not to carry too much luggage when travelling.

4 In order to avoid overcrowding in front of the attractions, bus parking in most cities in Europe is far from the attractions. Drivers are not allowed to park at random. Offenders will be fined a lot. Sometimes the location of getting on and off will be some distance from the attractions. .

2. Take the bus safety tips:

1 Do not smoke in the car.

2 Do not bring prohibited items.

3 Do not arbitrarily manipulate any objects on the car to avoid unnecessary damage.

4 During the temporary stop of the bus, obey the tour guide and do not stay away.

5 When members get off the bus, eat, and shop, please pay attention to the tourist window and carry your valuables with you; if you are lost or stolen, the travel agency will not be responsible.

6 Due to the long journey time, the vehicle load is heavy on the way. If the car breaks down and affects the itinerary, the travel agency will quickly make remedial measures. Please cooperate with the team members.

(3) Other notices and precautions

1. Please comply with local laws.

2. Be sure to bring your relevant documents and a valid passport with you.

3. When participating in group activities, you should follow the instructions of the tour guide and avoid the team to ensure safety.

4. Before participating in high-risk activities, you must measure your personal health and ability and follow the safety guidelines for the activities, such as wearing a life jacket, wearing a seat belt, wearing appropriate or designated clothing. Members are advised not to participate in these activities during the free activities during the tour. If the members insist on participating, please bear the risk.

5. Do not participate in recreational activities that are suspected of being illegal.

6. Pay attention to and pay attention to warnings, such as not walking around the animals and feeding animals in the safari park.

7. When visiting public security areas, it is even more important to be vigilant and avoid going out alone.

payment instructions

payment method:

You can choose bank transfer, cash, credit card and three payment methods.

Please note:

l Our company does not accept other payment methods and other currencies except the euro and the renminbi.

l Our company does not accept payment on board

l If the money you have sent has not been placed in our account until the end of the trip, you will need to hand the same amount of cash to the tour guide before getting off the bus.

1. Transfer payment:

Need to transfer funds for the euro, the fee generated by the payer is borne by the payer

2. Credit card payment:

Select credit card payment, the “Order Credit Card Link” will be attached to the order confirmation email, and you can pay by clicking the link to submit the credit card application.

Please note:

l Credit card payment requires 2% additional formalities

l If the credit card is not my payment, please provide the cardholder's signature and order number.

3. Cash payment:

Cash payment can only be paid to our company office. (Please confirm in advance whether the office is open on the day)


Telephone enquiry registration: 0049-89-38038800
E-mail: travel@kaiyuan.de
Fax: 0049-89-416159030
Address: Erika-Mann-Str. 21, 80636 Muenchen, Germany

Payment method: Bank transfer.
Overseas payment:
Bank: Deutsche Bank
Konto Inhaber (account name): KaiYuan GmbH
IBAN: DE27700700240511296601
German bank address
Deutsche Bank
Schwanthaler Strasse 32
80336 Munich

The following payment methods support RMB

Payment method 1:
Beijing Kaiyuan Zhouyou International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Account Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. Beijing Peaceful North Street Branch Account Number: 0200004209200013508

Alipay payment:
Account Name: Beijing Kaiyuan Zhouyou International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Account: cn@kaiyuan.de

Beijing Kaiyuan Zhouyou International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Account Bank: Shanghai Bank Zhabei Branch Account Number: 03002577077

Payment method 2 household name: Xiamen Kaiyuan Zhouyou International Travel Service Co., Ltd. RMB account number: 4100020709224873457
Bank: ICBC Xiamen Siming Sub-branch

Alipay collection company: Xiamen Kaiyuan Zhouyou International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Account name: caiwu@kaiyuan.cn

WeChat scan code payment, please note your order number or mobile phone number when paying

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