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Company Profile

Company Profile

Introduction to Kaiyuan Travel Group

Kaiyuan Travel Group is a comprehensive multinational enterprise group founded in Munich, Germany in October 2002. With the purpose of "pioneering innovation and serving the world", the group is committed to providing customers with high-quality tourism, culture, education, business and other services.

Group business

Kaiyuan Travel Group’s business mainly covers the following sectors:

Kaiyuan Media: Operates the German channel of People's Daily Overseas Network, Kaiyuan.info WeChat public account, Kaiyuan.info forum, Kaiyuan.info official Weibo, German Food APP, Kaiyuan Chinese Community Mini Program, and Europe's first Chinese-language travel magazine "Kaiyuan Travel Europe Travel" and other new and old media forms.

Kaiyuan Tourism: Focusing on the overseas Chinese tourism market, it provides various tourism forms including destination bus tours, individual travel, semi-self-guided tours, customized groups, theme tours, business exhibitions, and official receptions.

Kaiyuan Ticketing: An international IATA first-level agent with a professional call center covering ticket sales in Europe and China. It cooperates with more than 300 airlines and has Air China routes to more than 5,000 destinations and special air tickets within Europe. .

Kaiyuan Logistics: Focuses on the field of logistics, with thousands of square meters of local warehouses in Germany, mainly engaged in parcel logistics, overseas shopping transshipment, Amazon warehouse labeling and replacement, Sino-German logistics and other logistics services.

Business consulting: Provide professional legal and tax consulting related to setting up companies in Germany. The service content covers overseas company registration, business custody and operation, business negotiation, overseas enterprise exchanges and other aspects.

Educational study tours: launch various education projects and study tour training projects covering students to adults, including business training and vocational education, study abroad education, etc.

Group strength

Kaiyuan Travel Group has nearly 500 employees and has established multiple branches in Germany, China, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Vietnam and other countries. The group has won many industry awards, including:

2015 China Tourism Internet Special Achievement Award

Best European Local Travel Booking Platform 2015

2016 China Tourism Internet Special Achievement Award

Best European Local Travel Booking Platform 2016

2017 National Tourism Award, Best Quality Tourism Supplier Brand

Preferred Overseas Destination Product Operator in 2017

Best global destination product booking platform in 2018

2019 "CTW Welcome Chinese Tourists Award" Product Innovation Category Award

Group future

Kaiyuan Travel Group will continue to adhere to the purpose of "pioneering innovation and serving the world", continuously improve service quality, and provide customers with better services. The group will also actively expand overseas business, introduce China's high-quality products and services to the world, and contribute to promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries.