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【Notice】 The tour fare does not include accommodation in the upper and lower group cities. If necessary, you can choose to Book Add On Hotel. (hotel may be in the suburbs. If you have a request for distance, it is recommended to book it yourself. If you need to stay for more than 2 days, you need to confirm with the customer service)
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(仅限大巴前五排16个座位,中巴前二排6个座位,若改发9座小车则退费。 )

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The registration requirements and responsibility rules of the Society:

  In order to protect your interests to the fullest extent, please read carefully the "Registration Instructions and Responsibilities Rules" of the Society. The "Registration Notices and Responsibilities Rules" of the Society are important matters for our company to inform the outbound tour members, and the Society's "Foreign Tour Safety Instructions and Others" "Notes" are part of the travel contract. We reserve the right to interpret the contents of this website.

(1) Registration process and precautions
For registration through this site, please read carefully all the terms and conditions published in our company website and in the order confirmation and the notice of the group. After you submit the order, our company will confirm and fully agree with the terms and conditions announced by our company; The members of the group violated the rules already mentioned in the articles, and all the consequences caused by the members shall be borne by the members.
1. When registering, please fill in the registration form first. Please fill in and check the information including name, gender, ID number, contact information, required room type, up and down the group, etc., because the individual fills in the wrong registration information. The company is not responsible for any losses caused by the company; if you need to purchase bus travel insurance, please provide additional information in the link provided on the registration page; after the successful submission, the company will send you an order confirmation; due to limited travel bus seats, the company The delegation will be arranged according to the priority of the account. Please arrange the payment within the effective time of the order after the verification is correct. If the overdue payment is not paid, the company will cancel the order without further notice.
2. Members must ensure that 100% of the tour fare is paid within five working days of the tour; due to the limited number of tour bus seats and hotel rooms, and the hotel room reservations are more time-limited, members who register within five working days before the tour Please take the initiative to complete the payment in time, otherwise the company has the right to reserve or cancel the order according to the specific situation without prior agreement with the applicant; the handling fee incurred by the payment of the group will be paid by the payer. Under the payment, please send the payment voucher (the flow list of the bank counter remittance, the screenshot of the online transfer success interface) to the company by email or fax. Please make sure to note the corresponding order number in the voucher, otherwise the financial cannot be verified. The account amount corresponds to the order; if due to the late payment time, the group still has not received the account 2 days before the end of the team, our company has the right to ask the member to mortgage the corresponding group cash to the tour guide, and if it is verified as double payment afterwards , our company will immediately return the overpaid group;
3. After confirming the payment of the members, our company will confirm the delegation for the members. The members will receive the notice of the delegation in the mailbox filled in the registration form three days before the delegation, including the tour guide, the itinerary, the delegation and other information. Reference; due to network delay or spam mailbox blocking function may cause members to not receive the notice of the group three days before the delegation, in case of this situation, please contact the relevant staff to help solve.
4. Our company defaults to the hotel room type arrangement according to the requirements of the members when registering. Special circumstances, such as the tourist season, due to insufficient number of individual hotel rooms or other uncontrollable reasons may cause room type changes, the members need to cooperate with our company; because the participants fill in the registration The on-site room arrangement caused by the wrong gender or room type requirements does not meet the requirements of the participants. The agency will make specific coordination and arrangement according to the remaining room on the day of the hotel, and the additional expenses incurred will be borne by the members.
5. If members of the group need to leave the group midway due to special circumstances, they should take the initiative to submit it at the time of registration/participation, and sign the “Departure Statement”, and leave the group for a night of less than 16 euros. If there is no hotel, If the member asks for a departure from the group on the way to the group, he/she must take the initiative to inform the tour guide and sign the “Departure Declaration”. The fees paid will not be refunded; the members need to provide health and identity in the registration and itinerary. The true situation, truthfully fill out the relevant information and perform legal procedures. If the expenses and losses caused by personal reasons such as physical discomfort during the journey are borne by the members themselves, visitors with special medical history (such as those with severe, terminal illness or infectious diseases) must be truthfully stated. In view of the health status of tourists or other reasons, our company reserves the right to accept customers.
6. For those who are over 60 years old, they must be accompanied by a family member and fill in the "Declaration of Participation". If they are accompanied by their family members and insist on signing up for the delegation, our company has the right to refuse to accept the case. All the consequences caused by the members themselves during the travel process shall be borne by the members;
7. If the participants are pregnant women, they must be truthfully stated when applying for registration; if the pregnancy period of pregnant women exceeds 24 weeks, in principle, it is not recommended to participate in the delegation. If you insist on signing up for the delegation, you must be accompanied by a family member and fill out the Disclaimer, but I The company has the right to refuse according to the situation; if the pregnancy period is less than 24 weeks and insists on signing up for the delegation, a family member must accompany him and fill out the "Party Statement", but our company has the right to refuse. During the travel process, all the consequences caused by the personal reasons of the members shall be borne by the members.
8. Minors participating in the group must be accompanied by at least one adult and perform custody duties, responsible for the safety of minors; the members of the group shall be responsible for all consequences caused by the underage members themselves or the accompanying persons looking after the dereliction of duty.
9. The members of the team must confirm that all the information provided is accurate, and the personal phone number is especially important; if the wrong information provided by the members causes all consequences (such as: due to the expiration of the personal documents, or the type of visa does not meet the entry of the relevant country) Problems such as travel regulations can not lead to transit; the wrong mobile phone number provided by the participants causes the tour guide and other relevant staff to be unable to contact the participants, etc.), resulting in personal return expenses, transportation expenses, travel expenses, etc. The person bears it.
9. Please do not make any reservations for the ticket and various types of tickets associated with the registration itinerary before the order is confirmed. If the member's personal wishes are to book the ticket and various tickets related to the itinerary, but the registration will not be successful, all losses will be lost. It is the responsibility of the applicant.

(2) Travel group fees
1. The fee includes:
A luxury air-conditioned tour bus or other means of transportation specified in the itinerary.
European star hotel accommodation, breakfast in the hotel. (Note: One-day tour does not include hotel accommodation)
The experienced Chinese team will accompany the group and lead the tour.
2. The fee does not include:
Drivers, tour guides and tips.
Various meals in the itinerary.
The cost during free time.
Tickets, tickets and bridge fees for the self-funded tours listed in the itinerary.
The private expenses incurred by the members during the itinerary include: non-free food and beverage expenses on transportation, excess baggage fees; laundry, telephone, telegraph, beverage and alcoholic fees during the stay; hotel expenses for postponed stays; personal injury and medical expenses Find the cost and remuneration of lost items.
Various medical insurance, personal safety insurance and baggage insurance fees.
Additional costs incurred due to irresistible factors such as weather, traffic delays, strikes, vehicle breakdowns, personal problems and circumstances beyond our control.
All expenses after leaving the group.
Our company reserves the right of final interpretation of other expenses not listed in the preceding paragraph.

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