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【2-Day】 [NO. 3441]

D1 Changchun Longjia Airport Jilin D2 Jilin Rime Corridor Vanke Ski Erdaobaihe Town D3 Erdao Makai North Slope of Changbai Mountain Siberian Tiger Forest Park Korean Tribe Dunhua City D4 Dunhua City Jingbo Hutou Winter Fishing in Hunan Xuexiang D5 Xuexiang Yabuli Yuanmaotun Harbin D6 Harbin Central Street Guandong Ancient Alley
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Route: [ 中国 ]

Departure: 长春 Time: Changchun Airport and Jilin Railway Station

End: 哈尔滨

Outline: Changchun Longjia Airport-Jilin City-Rime Corridor-Vanke Ski-Erdaobaihe Town-Mojie-North Slope of Changbai Mountain-Siberian Tiger Forest Park-Korean Tribe-Dunhua City-Jingpo Hunan Hutou Winter Capture-Xuexiang-Yabuli- Yuanmao Tun-Harbin-Central Street-Gu

Discounts: No special rate for children

Attractions overview
  • Vanke Ski
  • Siberian Tiger Forest Park
  • China Xuexiang
  • Yuanmaotun
  • Saint Sophia Church
Tour Overview
  • Featured Hotel

  • 2 Joining Points

  • Comfortable Bus/Coach

  • Meals See Itinerary Introduction for more details about meal

  • English-speaking tour guide

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Day 1 Changchun Longjia Airport Jilin
Pick-up arrangement: 24-hour free pick-up service from the airport and Jilin Railway Station to the hotel where you are staying. Airport pick-up method: Arrange for guests to take a car or bus (1.5 hours) to Jilin City and transfer directly to the hotel. (There is a carpool situation, and the waiting time does not exceed 60 minutes). Warm reminder: The tour guide or staff will inform guests of the pick-up or pick-up information by phone or text message from 18:00-20:00 one day before the trip. Please keep the phone open. Check-in at the hotel: Upon arrival at the hotel, the front desk will pick up the room card with a valid ID, pay the deposit by yourself, and return it at check-out.
All day

Breakfast: self-care lunch: self-care dinner: self-care
Featured hotels (reference hotels: Vienna Hotel, Rime Hotel)
Day 2 Jilin Rime Corridor Vanke Ski Erdaobaihe Town
After breakfast, drive to Jilin [Rime Corridor] to enjoy the meteorological wonders-Jilin rime. This place is located on Jifeng East Road, Fengman District, Jilin City, next to the stone carvings of Ashha Dharma. It is a better spot for viewing Jilin rime. After 30 minutes by car-Vanke. Take a cable car to Jilin from the top of Daqing Mountain at an altitude of 935 meters, overlooking the panoramic view of Jilin City and Songhua Lake. Put on your gear and experience the thrilling skiing together-Vanke Ski. (Only includes snowboard, poles, snow shoes, 2-hour primary skiing, ropeway sightseeing ticket). (Note that Vanke Ski Resort will open around November 11th every year, depending on the weather time each year, it may be advanced or delayed a few days. If the group period cannot be changed to Yabuli Skiing before November 15th, thank you for your understanding). After lunch, proceed to Erdaobaihe Town, a famous town at the foot of Changbai Mountain. Check-in to hotel after dinner. Complimentary Changbai Mountain Hot Spring (hotel hot spring, only for guests occupying a bed, no refund if you don’t go)
All day

[Vanke Songhua Lake Resort] It is invested and developed by Vanke Group. The planned area is 20 square kilometers. It integrates the functions of skiing vacation, outdoor sports, catering and accommodation, exhibition shopping, resort real estate, etc. It is planned to be completed gradually in three stages to create a northern Attractive holiday destination.

[Songhua Lake Ski Resort] There are 28 high-quality ski trails, with a ski area of 1.51 million square meters, an altitude of 935 meters, and a mountain drop of 605 meters. The junior high school and advanced ski trails are evenly distributed, and the combination is ever-changing, and skiers of different levels do not interfere with each other. For more junior skiers in China, the ratio of junior high school to advanced ski slopes is set to 4:4:2. Among them, the advanced ski trails A2 and A5 of the ski resort have been certified by the International Snow Federation, which can meet the needs of the international alpine giant slalom. It also provides cross-country skiing and platform jumping.

[Vanke Ski Resort] It is expected to open from November 8-15. If the scenic area is not open due to the weather, it will be adjusted to visit the Jilin Meteorite Museum. No fee will be refunded. Please understand.

[Changbai Mountain Hot Spring] Known as "sacred water", it contains a lot of hydrogen sulfide and a variety of trace elements. After dinner, leisurely soak in the steaming hot spring pool and watch the falling snow outside and enjoy this warm moment. Wash away your day’s hard work, sleep beautifully, and prepare for tomorrow’s wonderful journey.

Warm reminder: The hot spring is a gift item. In case of special reasons, it cannot be experienced, there is no refund, and other scenic spots and experience items will not be transferred. Please understand.


1. Including snowboard, poles, snow shoes, 2-hour primary skiing, ropeway sightseeing ticket, and snow ring. Please pay for other expenses;

2. Due to conditions such as climate and snow production, some entertainment projects may be slightly adjusted, and the specific projects are subject to the opening of Vanke Resort.

3. The resort stipulates that you must bring a helmet into the resort. The rental fee for the helmet is 30 yuan/person, at your own expense.

Lunch is included: [Wula Hot Pot] Wula Manchu hot pot is a traditional cuisine that has been circulated for a long time in the northeastern region. It is named after it flourished in Wula City, Jilin. Jilin Wula is a full phonetic translation. According to the "Jilin General Records": "Jilin is the Yan, Wula is the River. In winter, when you come to the beautiful Jilin City, you have a saying of "one view and one product". Beautiful scenery, "Yipin" is to taste delicious Ula Manchu hot pot

Dinner already includes: [Erdao Baihe Mountain Feast] Reference menu: Ginseng nourishing chicken, steamed salt fish, wild boar stewed vermicelli, sizzling wild venison, wild wild vegetables scrambled eggs, mountain fungus fried pork, fried mushrooms, vegetarian fried Mountain fern, garlic oilseed rape, potato shreds multigrain bag, miscellaneous fungus health soup

  • Vanke Ski
[ Vanke Ski ]
Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Include Dinner: Include
Selected hotels (reference hotels: Changbai Mountain Jinshuihe Hotel, Yuluquan Hotel, Yunshui Lanting Hotel)
Day 3 Erdao Makai North Slope of Changbai Mountain Siberian Tiger Forest Park Korean Tribe Dunhua City
After breakfast, visit [Changbai Mountain Demon World Scenic Area] (don’t go back to the free attractions) Changbai Mountain Demon World Scenic Area is located near Changbai Mountain North Scenic Area, the scenic area is in the coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest belt of Changbai Mountain. The hot spring water does not freeze all year round. Every winter, when the temperature reaches minus 20 degrees Celsius, the mist evaporates, and rime and tree hanging appear. The enchanting scenery is like a fairyland, as if you have entered the ancient world of primitive society. Photography People call this "the devil". Take a bus to the national 5A scenic spot, the highest peak in the northeast—[Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve, 5A-level 105 tickets included] (Scenic area traffic car 85 + reversing car 80 self-care) Take the scenic reversing car according to weather conditions Dengsonghua River, Yalu River, and Tumen River are the source of the three rivers—the largest crater lake in Asia—[Changbai Mountain Tianchi][Changbai Waterfall][Xiaotianchi][Lvyuantan Scenic Area][Julong Hot Springs]. After going down the mountain, [Changbai Mountain Siberian Tiger Park] presents attractions to watch the Siberian tiger up close, allowing you to open your eyes and feel the vigor of tigers and tigers. Then visit [Baihua Valley Korean Folk Village] gift attractions. Purely Korean living village, the village is located in the open land in the mountains, houses with ethnic architectural styles, come here, you can appreciate the traditional local feelings of the Korean. Follow the Korean guide to visit the century-old residences of the Korean ethnic group, learn about the folk culture of the Korean ethnic group at the foot of Changbai Mountain, visit the folk museum, and visit the authentic houses of the Korean ethnic group. Dinner: Korean singing and dancing show Meal cold dishes: Northeast big peel, wild wild vegetables Hot dishes: Braised Mingtai fish, braised pork, tofu, so
All day

  • Siberian Tiger Forest Park
[ Siberian Tiger Forest Park ]
Breakfast: lunch in the hotel: self-care dinner: included
Featured hotels (reference hotels: Liudingshan Holiday Hotel, Jinhao Boutique, Tiger Hotel)
Day 4 Dunhua City Jingbo Hutou Winter Fishing in Hunan Xuexiang
After breakfast, drive to the fairy tale world in your dreams-[China Snow Township] (ticket included). Here we can also appreciate the unique winter fishing and hunting culture of the northern peoples, and participate in interesting traditional activities on the ice-[Winter Catching Show]. Watch the whole process of fishermen fishing nets. (The freezing period of Jingbo Lake every year is around December 30, during this period, you can not watch the winter catching and giving guests Jingbo Lake Canyon Scenic Area) After arriving at Xuexiang Scenic Area; pick up the camera and transform Photographer mode. Snowflakes, snowmen, snow mushrooms, snow streets, snow houses... the world of snow is dreamlike! Stroll along the most characteristic street in Xuexiang—[Xueyun Street], and watch the unique "snow curtain" formed by the snow hanging from the eaves to the ground; snow play activities, snowball fights, and snowmen can be performed; Xuexiang is full of beautiful scenery. You can enjoy photography creation, take the beauty of Xuexiang into your camera and leave beautiful memories.
All day

[Xuexiang, China] Xuexiang was originally known as Shuangfeng Forest Farm. It has a long snow period and frequent snowfall. The snow cover period lasts as long as 7 months. From October to May of each year, the snow cover is continuous and the annual average snow thickness is up to At 2 meters, the amount of snow is the highest in China, with good snow quality and high viscosity, which is known as the "Chinese Snow Village".

Dinner included: Xuexiang New Year’s Eve Dinner


1. Due to the limited local conditions, the quality of meals in Xuexiang is worse than that in the urban area. Please be prepared and adjust your mentality. You can bring some food.

It takes a long time to travel today, so you can prepare some snacks and chocolates on the road to maintain your energy;

2. Xuexiang’s accommodation is local folklore, and group members who love cleanliness can bring their own set of sheets to prepare for emergencies. We apologize for any irregularities.


√ Huo kang is not suitable for individual friends in the south, and the air in the north is dry, it is recommended to bring a thermos with you and drink plenty of water.

√ Xuexiang is very beautiful, but it also has a commercial side. The operating period of one year and three months, the price of things is very high, and it is difficult to tell whether it is true or false, please be careful to buy

√ Due to the large passenger flow in Xuexiang during the Spring Festival, the accommodation in Xuexiang will be adjusted to 4-6 people (separate for men and women / please understand)

  • China Xuexiang
[ China Xuexiang ]
Breakfast: Hotel Lunch: Include Dinner: Include
Featured hotels (reference hotels: Xuexiang Xueyunge Hotel, Wanjia Days Hotel, Xuexiang Xuezhu Hotel)
Day 5 Xuexiang Yabuli Yuanmaotun Harbin
In the morning, free activities in Houxue Township, and then take a bus to Yabuli. Going to the Yabuli Ski Resort, watching the snow scenery along the way, reminds that the beautiful scenery of Xuexiang is concentrated at 20 kilometers away from Xuexiang. After arriving in Yabuli, visit Yabuli's most northeast folk custom [Yuanmaotun Folk Village] free attractions, lunch and drive for 3 hours-the ice city of Harbin. Arriving in Harbin for free activities can also AA-Ice and Snow World. Lunch in Yabuli to taste authentic pig-killing vegetables. Reference menu: Northeast pig-killing vegetables. Homemade blood sausage. Nourishing platter. Cumin pork liver. Spicy fried pork crispy bones. Hot pepper stir-fried flower sausage. Fish roe potato chips. Garlic spinach and green onion roast Fungus. Stupid Fried Garlic Soup. Seaweed Egg Soup
All day

  • Yuanmaotun
[ Yuanmaotun ]
Breakfast: Hotel lunch: including dinner: self care
Selected hotels (reference hotels: Haobin Holiday Hotel, Yourong Hotel, Donglong Hotel, Yitel Hotel)
Day 6 Harbin Central Street Guandong Ancient Alley
After breakfast, visit Harbin’s most intactly preserved Russian Orthodox Church with a century-old history-[St. Sophia Church] (appearance, about 20 minutes tour), the symbol of Harbin people's victory over the raging flood-[Flood Control Memorial Tower ] (Stay time 10 minutes), stroll around Asia’s longest commercial pedestrian street "Harbin under the night" important filming location-[Central Street] (30 minutes free time). Visit the ancient alley of Guandong on Qunli Fifth Avenue, and walk into the ancient alley of Guandong, as if you are entering a time tunnel, traveling through time and space, from ancient times to the present, enjoying the culture of Harbin, and being an authentic Guandongman. Guandong Ancient Alley is an indoor antique pedestrian street, covering an area of about 5,500 square meters and a building scale of 9,200 square meters. It is composed of a rural style area, a courtyard style area, an ethnic style area, a special snack and performing arts area, and a Guandong characteristic art street. Send off to the station after lunch. Lunch tasting dumpling banquet reference menu: reference menu: unlimited dumplings, celery peanuts, potato shreds, mushrooms and rapeseed, meat dumplings, ground three fresh, fried wild vegetables [warm reminder]: We arrange a unified delivery, some guests It may be delivered to the airport earlier. If you are unwilling to go to the airport with the group, you can take the car to the airport at your own expense, and the transfer fee is non-refundable. Please book flights after 15:00, please understand.
All day

  • Saint Sophia Church
[ Saint Sophia Church ]
Breakfast: Hotel lunch: including dinner: self care
Price Explanation

Service Content





1. Tickets: Vanke Junior Ski, Changbai Mountain Gate, Xuexiang Tickets,

Free scenic spots (Winter Hunting,) Devildom, Glass Plank Road, Yuanmao Tun, Guandong Ancient Alley, self-paid scenic spots cannot be visited for special reasons, no refund

2. Accommodation:

Jilin Five Boutique Hotels: Vienna International Hotel, Rime Hotel

Changbai Mountain five-star hot spring hotel: Yuluquan Resort, Jinshuihe Hot Spring Hotel, Yunshui Lanting Hotel, Dongwo Hotel

Dunhua boutique hotels: Liudingshan Holiday, Jinhao Boutique Hotel, Tiger Hotel

Xuexiang double fire kang: Xuexiang fire pit 2 people room spring New Year's day group 4-6 people fight together.

Harbin International Four-star Hotel: Haobin Holiday Hotel, Yourong Hotel, Donglong Hotel, Yitel Hotel

3. Meals: The whole course includes 5 breakfasts and 7 dinners for detailed reference menu;

4. Car: Full chartered service including pick-up and drop-off

5. Guide service: There is no guide at the pick-up and drop-off station for the whole tour guide service, and there are less than 6 people (including) with driver and tour guide

6. Insurance: Our agency has covered travel agency liability insurance. Please purchase accident insurance voluntarily according to the situation.

Voluntary participation in the supplementary agreement for paid projects

Supplementary agreement for separately paid items:

In order to meet the tourists' personalized tourism needs, the tourists and the travel agency have agreed to voluntarily sign the supplementary agreement for this separately paid item after negotiation.

1. Because the tour route arranged by the travel agency does not include additional paid tour items, in order to meet the needs of tourists, the two parties have agreed to agree on an additional paid tour item in addition to the itinerary. The project is arranged during the free activity period, and tourists can freely choose .

2. If the travel agency is unable to arrange additional payment due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, such as changes in the itinerary, insufficient number of people, etc., the travel agency is requested to understand that both parties shall not be liable for breach of contract.

3. Tourists should strictly abide by the activity time notified by the tour guide, so as not to delay the itinerary or affect other guests' activities.

4. The expenses or missing itinerary incurred by the tourists overtime or other reasons shall be borne by the tourists themselves.

5. The travel agency hereby reminds tourists: the following additional paid tourism projects, please choose voluntarily and carefully and pay attention to safety tips, especially do not participate in projects that are not suitable for your own situation. If you are participating in high-risk activities (such as water and underwater activities, high-speed high-altitude activities, etc.), it is recommended that you purchase a special personal accident insurance.

As stated in the above description, I fully understand and have no objection to this. (Please sign every tourist who travels)
The tourist promises: I have carefully read the aforesaid itinerary, understand and agree to abide by this supplementary agreement, which is an attachment to the travel contract and has the same effect as the travel contract. If there is any inconsistency between this supplementary agreement and the travel contract, this supplementary agreement shall prevail. 6, self-financed fee listed below or more people _10_ comprehensive preferential price, if the number of participants required less than _10 people, the cost will be adjusted.

The tourist himself (seal or signature): Travel agency of the group agency (seal):


location time name Tour time Cost/person Remarks
Yabuli Free time period Horse-drawn sledge + Yabuli Weihu Village Folk Village 90 minutes 260 yuan/person

The horse-drawn sledge, also known as the horse-drawn sledge, is a common means of transportation in the northeastern countryside in winter. Get on the horse-drawn sledge and enter the forest and snowy fields to experience the true Northeast and the authentic life of the Northeast.

Yabuli Weihuzhai Package (bandits robbing relatives performance + soil drop slag two-person turn + worshipping gods performance + bandit costume photography + the king sent me to patrol the mountain + bandit patrol road + 1 bunch of candied haws)


Free time period Snowmobile uphill + Datudingzi mountain sightseeing 60 minutes 280 yuan/person Ride a snowmobile, experience the snow-covered mountains and the thrilling journey across the snowy field
Xuexiang Free time period Snow Gallery + Mountain Micro Zoo 90 minutes 198 yuan/person The gallery landscape shaped by nature, with towering old trees on both sides, wrapped in silver, carved with the wind, shaped with the objects, and you can watch wild animals. You can enjoy the snow and enjoy the photography in the meantime. The mind and body are refreshing and enjoyable. The world of fairy tales is true and magical, and the scenery is beautiful. )
Xuexiang Free time period Dream home 90 minutes 198 yuan/person Dream Home is located next to Xueyun Street and is a small scenic spot with a separate fee. Here you can see all kinds of beautiful "snow mushrooms", which are naturally formed snow-shaped, and are the iconic landscape of Xuexiang. There is a viewing platform in the scenic area, which overlooks the landscape in the park. Tourists who come to take photos of snow mushrooms can go in and take a look. Nowadays, only in Dream Homes can you see a large area of well-protected snow mushrooms. It is said that the snow mushrooms that you usually see through the media were all shot here. There is also a snow ring slide in Dream Home, which can be played unlimited times.


1. There is a large temperature difference between day and night in the northeast, which is spread locally: the three treasures of the northeast, ginseng antler and mink are good; the three treasures of the two peaks are inseparable, rubber shoes and raincoats.
2. The best shooting season for Xuegu Xuexiang is around New Year's Eve. The red lights are hanging high in every household, which is full of strong Chinese New Year atmosphere, adding a lot of joy to the clean snow. But the disadvantage is that it is difficult for tourists to eat and stay.
3. Be sure to pay attention to the environment, don't throw rubbish, and don't want to scatter wild on large areas of flat white snow. These snow fields also serve thousands of cameras and viewers. Please be merciful.
4. The effect of mobile phone signal is not ideal here.
5. Diseases that are prone to occur in Xuexiang: frostbite and mountain people are experts in treating frostbite, don't be afraid. Getting angry, this is caused by sleeping on the bed, eat more fruits and bring your own lipstick to wipe your face oil, this is very important.

Dress recommendations:
1. Shoes: There are snow and ice on the northern road in winter, and the road is relatively slippery. It is best to wear anti-ski shoes. The inside of the shoes must be padded. Remember not to wear single leather shoes, otherwise it is easy to frostbit the feet. High-top hiking shoes are also very practical. .
2. Clothes: First wear a long-sleeved cotton underwear next to the body, then wear a wool sweater (the elderly can wear another sweater), and finally put on a down winter coat (with a hat is best). Please note: Every piece of clothing should not be too fat to prevent air intrusion.
3. Pants: Ski pants are the best choice. If you don't have ski pants, you need cotton underwear + thick wool pants + thick casual pants from the inside to the outside. Please note: The pants should be long rather than short, and the ankles should not be exposed.
4. Gloves: It is best to prepare two pairs, one pair of thin textile gloves, one pair of ski gloves, because they are waterproof.
5. Hat: It is recommended that you wear a down hat in winter. The hat should be able to cover your ears. The woolen yarn is very warm and beautiful.
6. Scarf: When you go out to visit, wrap your mouth, nose, and neck with a scarf. The cold air will not irritate the respiratory organs and will not runny nose.
7. Backpack: It is recommended to use a mountaineering bag, do not bring too good, too much wear and tear, just the backpack used by junior travelers.

Health knowledge:
1. Skin: Every day before going out, apply some skin cream and lip balm. Skin cream can only be used on the face and hands.
2. Throat moisturizing: In cold and dry areas, people often feel thirsty, so it is recommended that everyone bring some throat lozenges with them and take them during travel.
3. Prevention of colds: In winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in the Northeast is large, so when you go out, wear a coat, button up or pull up a zip, wear a hat or a scarf. When entering a room or car, you must first open your coat to let the cold air out. In outdoor activities, do not untie your clothes or take off your hat to let the cold wind blow if you are sweating. If you feel that the hotel room is hot, you can open the window to cool down, but it is not advisable to open the window for too long, and you must close it when you sleep to avoid catching a cold.

Safety common sense:
1. When walking on ice or snow, remember to "do not lift your feet while walking, slide in small steps and do not fall, do not put your hands in your pockets, and fall without accident." When performing activities outdoors with thick snow, please follow the arrangements of the team leader. Do not leave the team without permission or take pictures in areas with unclear conditions to avoid accidents; when performing activities with certain risks (such as: ice sports, skiing) Etc.), be sure to follow the guidance of the team leader and coach. If you are not careful and cause local frostbite, apply frostbite ointment, and do not apply hot water after frostbite to prevent deeper trauma. If conditions permit, use water close to body temperature of 28-40 degrees to reheat , Is the best way to recover.
2. Take good care of cash and valuables. It is best not to bring a large amount of money with you when visiting, and don't wear expensive jewelry to avoid loss.
3. Valuable items such as passports, cash, credit cards, etc. should not be placed in the pocket of the jacket, but should be carried in a pocket or jacket pocket.

Use and maintenance of the camera:
1. The battery will reduce its performance when it is cold, but it will be restored after returning to normal temperature, so it is recommended to bring a few spare batteries and put them in the pocket inside the outer jacket for heat preservation. Use alternately.
2. When going out to take pictures, the camera bag should be hung around the neck, and the camera should be kept in the outer jacket for heat preservation. Put it in your arms immediately after use, so that the camera will not malfunction due to the cold.
3. Entering indoors from the cold outside, water will appear on the long-frozen camera, and then the internal parts will be frozen when it goes outdoors, which will affect the life of the camera. The best way to protect Before entering the room, put the camera in a plastic bag and close it, put it in a shoulder bag and then bring it indoors, and then turn it on after two hours, so that the camera will not drip.

Note for skiing:
1. Check whether the ski equipment is complete: snow shoes, snowboards, and poles are complete and matched.
2. Basic posture for skiing: Slightly bent knees. Naturally look straight into the distance instead of staring at the tip of your snowboard. The center of gravity should be forward instead of backward, and the calf should be pressed forward and the snow boots. Hold the pole in both hands and lift it forward, bending your elbows slightly. Beginners should not put gloves in the noose of the stick handle.
3. Emergency measures: When skiing falls, the most important thing is to close the jaw to prevent the back of the head from being hit. The second is to relax the limbs. A stiff body is more likely to be injured. Finally, don't hold on. Once you lose your center of gravity, beginners shouldn't try to regain control, or just let it fall and not get hurt easily. It is recommended that beginners take off their snowboards when they fall and climb up, and then put on the snowboards after standing up. Remember that the snowboard should be perpendicular to the trail when standing.
It is recommended to hire a professional ski instructor locally to ensure safety and to master skiing skills as soon as possible.
4. When not skiing, be sure not to stand on the ski trail.
5. When skiing, it’s best to pack lightly, and don’t bring valuables, cash, jewelry, mobile phones, etc. with you.
6. It is best to bring contact lenses for skiing and wear "ski goggles" outside.


Questions previously answered may have different answers due to many reasons: season (date and year of travel), rates, availability, etc. Please contact us for more information. Online Chat

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