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【1-Day】 [NO. 3438]

D1 Munich-Nymphenburg
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Special rate for children
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Route: [ Europe ]

Departure: Munich Time: In front of the main palace of the Nymphenburg Palace (in the morning city)

End: Munich

Outline: 宁芬堡

Discounts: No special rate for children

Attractions overview
  • Ngmphenburg
Tour Overview
  • 2 Joining Points

  • Comfortable Bus/Coach

  • Meals See Itinerary Introduction for more details about meal

  • English-speaking tour guide

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Day 1 Munich-Nymphenburg
Gather at the designated place in the morning and start a tour of Nymphenburg with Dr. Chen. It is decorated with golden autumn and attractive gardens. The fallen leaves are colorful and the sound of nature sounds. During the stroll, I am proud of my elevation. The topic of our walking tour starts from the past of the Summer Palace and its owner, and learns how to appreciate the scenery of European landscape gardens by understanding Schkaier's gardening techniques. In the middle of the Roman gods who became partners, the broad-leaved forests and waterbirds only seen in the urban area linger. Appreciate the blessings of nature, and comprehend the changes of time and space. Perceived gardens are also alive. They are precious habitats for plants and animals. I believe you will unveil the garden and fall in love with it after you swim.
10:00-12:00 (specific notice), meeting place: in front of the main palace of the Nymphenburg Palace (in the morning city)
All day

Mentor: Chen Ganglin, graduated from Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts and Munich University, PhD in Art History. Now teaches at the University of Munich and Munich University of Applied Sciences; concurrently serves as the official Chinese tour guide in Munich. Participated in the training of domestic outbound travel agency managers and the first batch of Chinese escorts in Munich. Published articles about Western art and architecture. Translation of "Munich-City and Landscape", "Nymphenburg Summer Palace", "News Bulletin" of the Munich Tourist Office, etc.

  • Ngmphenburg
[ Ngmphenburg ]



夏宫园林的集大成者,乃是 19 世纪初德国最著名的园艺大师之一的施凯尔。一生中,施凯尔共参与 30 多座风景园林的设计与实施。慕尼黑英国公园亦是他的大手笔。而宁芬堡宫园林的设计,则无论在空间营造、植物使用上,还是在地形处理、水域塑造以及路径设计方面,施凯尔均有杰出的建树,为行家与世人所称道。

Breakfast: self-care lunch: self-care dinner: self-care
Price Explanation

In order to protect your rights and interests, please read carefully the following"Registration Instructions and Responsibilities for Travelers" . The "Registration Notices and Responsibilities for Travelers" are important issues provided by KaiYuan to outbound travelers. It's a part of the travel contract. KaiYuan reserves the right to interpret all contents of this website.

1. Registration process
When signing up through this site, please read carefully all terms and conditions published on our website. After submitting the order, we consider that you has confirmed and fully agreed with the terms and conditions announced by KaiYuan. If any participants of the group violated the rules which mentioned in the articles, all the consequences shall be borne by the violators.
(1) When registering, please fill in the registration form, including full name, gender, ID number, contact information, E-mail address, room requirement, boarding and leaving cities, etc. Please check information very carefully and make sure they are correct before submitting because KaiYuan is not responsible for any losses caused by your personal carelessness. After successful submission, you will receive an order confirmation E-mail from KaiYuan. We guaranteed that everyone has a seat. Please make payment while the order is still valid. If it is not paid in time, KaiYuan reserves the right to cancel your order without notice.
(2) Please pay 100% of the order amount within the validity period of the order once received E-mail notice. Due to limited seats of bus and hotel rooms, please pay timely.We will arranged your seats according to the time we receive your payments. Any transaction fee is borne by payer. After payment, please send payment receipt (Bank statements/ the screenshot of the successful transfer) to KaiYuan by email or fax.Please state your corresponding order number in the voucher. Our financial department will check your payments according to the receipt and order number.
(3) After receiving your payment, KaiYuan will confirm your order and send a confirmation E-mail. Another boarding notice E-mail will be sent 5 days before departure, including tour guide information, schedule, boarding and leaving locations, hotel information etc.If you do not receive the board notice,please contact customer services.
(4) According to your chosen room type,KaiYuan will arrange rooms first by same order number and then by same sex. If you are not willing to share room with others, you can choose to pay extra fee for single room guarantee. In some special circumstances, such as insufficient single rooms in high season or other uncontrollable reasons, which may cause changes in room type , please cooperate with our arrangement. If the participant chose wrong gender or room type, KaiYuan will make adjustment accordingly. However, the participant has to bear additional costs.
(5) If participants need to leave group early during trip for special reasons, they should sign "Statement of Voluntary Withdrawal from Group". Participants can get 16€per night refund (starting from tomorrow hotel) if hotel is not used. Other paid fee cannot be refunded. Please provide authentic information on health and identity during the registration and itinerary, fill in relevant information truthfully and perform legal procedures. The expenses and losses caused by personal reasons such as illness during the journey are borne by the participants themselves. Participants with special medical history (such as severe illness, incurable disease or infectious diseases) must be truthfully stated.KaiYuan reserves the right to cancel orders in view of the health status of participants or other reasons.
(6) For elder who are over 70 years old, they must be accompanied by a family participants and fill in"Senior Participant's Statement" before boarding. If they are not accompanied by their family and insist on signing up, KaiYuan reserves the right to refuse their orders. All the consequences caused by personal problems during the trip are responsible for themselves.
(7) If participants are pregnant, they must truthfully state when registering. In principle,it is not suggested for pregnant women to participate who has more than 24 weeks of pregnancy . If she insists on signing up, she must be accompanied by a family participants and fill out the "Pregnant Participant's Statement", but KaiYuan has the right to refuse according to the situation. If pregnant women has less than 24 weeks of pregnancy, she must be accompanied by a family participants as well and fill out "Pregnant Participant's Statement". KaiYuan also has the right to reject orders. All the consequences caused by personal problems during the trip are responsible for themselves.
(8) Children and juveniles under age 18 participating in the group must be accompanied by at least one adult who perform custody duties and responsible for their safety.The accompanying adult is responsible for all the consequences caused by the minors or themselves during the trip.
(9) Participants must ensure that all the information provided is accurate, especially ID information and phone number. All consequences caused by wrong information during the trip,for example, can't cross border successfully due to expiration of personal documents or visa does not meet inbound tourism regulations of relevant countries, tour guide is unable to contact the participants when wrong phone number provided in registration etc.,resulting in any extra expenses, those costs are borne by participants themselves.
(10) Please do not make any reservations such as air tickets, entrance tickets associated with the trip before the order is confirmed. If tickets were booked, but the registration for KaiYuan's trip was not successful, all losses are borne by the applicant.

2. Expense Explanation
(1) Experienced tour guide and driver.
(2) Air-conditioned bus or other means of transportation specified in the itinerary.
Note: We will arranges the vehicle according to the size of the team to ensure everyone has a seat. Baggage requirements: each person can have a carry-on bag and a big baggage (length add width and heights is not to exceed 158cm, and total weight must not exceed 23kg.)
(3) Accommodation: standard twin room(for 2 persons), NOT including accommodation on last day.
(4) Breakfast is included daily at the hotel.
Not included:
(1) Transportation costs to joining point. Additional costs due to force majeure such as traffic delays, strikes, weather, machine failure, flight cancellation or time change;
(2) Personal expenses in hotel, such as laundry, hairdressing, telephone, fax,TV, drinks, etc.
(3) Single room supplement;
(4) Tickets of attractions: your choice to buy or not. Tour guide will collect payment on spot.
(5) Lunch and Dinner are not covered. At own expense.
(6) Tips for driver and guide.
(7) Medical insurance, personal safety insurance and baggage insurance.
(8) All expenses after leaving the group.
(9) Other fees not stated in above section" Included".
KaiYuan reserves the right to final interpretation of other expenses not listed.
3. Discount and explanation:
(1) Special price for children: if a child(under age 6) travelling with 2 adults and sharing a double room, the child can enjoy a 35% discount! However, if the child takes another room, he/she can only pay full price as adult. Besides, if the child accompanied by only 1 adult,the child shall pay full price.
(2) For 3 or more people signing up together, each person can get 10€ discount!
(3) If not specially specified, coupons cannot be used on one-day tour or airport transfer.
(4) On one order, only one coupon can be used.
(5) 2 kinds of discounts cannot be used on one order. If several discounts satisfied one order at the same time, the highest discount applies.
4. Cancellation policy
(1) Cancellation of order:
In case of cancellation of orders, cancellation fees are charged according to the following policy:
- 31 days or longer prior to scheduled departure (31 days included), 5% of the total package rate will be charged.
- Between 30 and 15 days prior to scheduled departure(30 days included), 20% of the total package rate will be charged.
- Between 14 and 8 days prior to scheduled departure(14 days included), 50% of the total package will be charged.
- Within 7 days (7 days included), 100% of the total package rate will be charged.

(2) Change of order:
If a customer wishes to change any part of a booking, service fee will be charged.
- Up to 31 days prior to scheduled departure, no charge.
- Between 30 and 15 days prior to scheduled departure(30 days included), 10% of the total package rate will be charged.
- Between 14 and 8 days prior to scheduled departure (14 days included), 30% of the total package rate will be charged.
- Within 7 days, 100% of the total package rate will be charged.
*The total package rate include basic group fee and accommodation surcharge.
In the case that you are not canceling the order, pre-group accommodation and accommodation on last day can be canceled or modified 7 days before the departure, but cannot be canceled or modified within 7 days. If you would like to stay one more night during the trip, we will charge hotel cost plus 5 €per person handling fee.
Regarding train tickets bought on our site, train tickets confirmation number are usually sent 3-5 days in advance ,whether you print the ticket or not, it cannot be canceled or modified within 48 hours before departure.Therefore if you would like to change train ticket, please contact us at least 3 days before departure. When ticket isn't issued,you can cancel or change it and you will be charged 5€ for change, 10€ for cancel. After ticket is issued, you cannot cancel or change .KaiYuan will not refund the train ticket fare you paid. Discounted groups cannot be canceled or modified.
Participants who have special reasons and cannot join group on time, they can change to another group in future. Handling fee applies. Please refer to ”Change of order”.
If participants need to leave group early during trip for special reasons, they must sign "Statement of Voluntary Withdrawal from Group". Participants can get 16€per night refund (starting from tomorrow hotel) if hotel is not used. Other paid fees cannot be refunded.
The above situation must be based on written notice, otherwise it will be considered as giving up rights automatically. KaiYuan is not responsible for it.

5. Obligations of the participants
(1) Participants MUST NOT engage in any illegal activities during the trip.
(2) Participants SHALL NOT harm the interests of the state, society or other people's rights when exercising individual rights.
(3) Participants SHOULD obey public orders, respect local social ethics and customs. Uncivilized behaviors, like carving on walls and spitting, are prohibited.
(4) Try to acquire information needed for travel and improve awareness of self-protection. Participants can purchase travel accident insurance and other insurances by themselves. During the trip, please keep an eye on your luggage. We suggest carry valuables and ID documents with you.
(5) Please pay attention to the local weather and take care of children's safety during traveling.
(6) If participants wants to participate in some dangerous tourism projects ,including rock climbing, mountain climbing, rafting, diving, bungee jumping etc., any injuries, property losses or disputes should be borne by themselves. KaiYuan is not responsible for it.

6. Responsibility
(1) KaiYuan reserves the right to modify the place of accommodation, travel itinerary and schedule and attractions.
(2) Under unexpected changes such as insufficient number of participants, problems with ship, airline etc. that beyond KaiYuan's control, we have the right to change or cancel a trip.If the trip is canceled , we will refund all costs or recommend similar products. KaiYuan does not have responsibility for cancellation or alteration.
(3) If suffering disaster events such as social unrest, terrorist attack, epidemics, natural disasters, turmoil, murder, wars, as well as accidents caused by weather, traffic, strikes, etc.which is possible to seriously endanger participants,KaiYuan reserves the right to cancel or replace the trip before or after departure. KaiYuan has right to shorten or extend the journey as well. Any change will be notified in advance. The additional expenses or losses caused by those events and accidents are not related to KaiYuan.
(4) Please pay attention to self-safety, your belongings and luggage properly. If any loss or damage caused by careless, theft, robbery and so on during the trip, please inform the team leader and call the police timely. KaiYuan does not bear any legal responsibility.
(5) Participants must carry valid passports and certificates with them. If there is a problem with persoanl ID documents or passports, halfway exit is borne by participants. The remaining costs will not be refunded. If it affects normal course of other participants, the careless participants shall bear corresponding liability for compensation.
(6) Participants in group might suffer personal injury, financial loss by accident (due to entertainment, games or individual activities lead to illness, death, falling down,or participants' violation of Kaiyuan’s treaty). The relevant responsibilities and expenses shall all be borne by the participants themselves. KaiYuan shall not be responsible for the loss of such casualties or property damage. If it caused loss to KaiYuan, the participants shall bear the liability for compensation.
(7) When participants not following the rules, hindering normal activities or hurt others’ interests deliberately, KaiYuan's team leader has the right to cancel his trip, and costs paid will not be refunded. There is nothing to do with KaiYuan after participants leaving the group.
(8) The marked time and kilometers in this page is for reference. The actual arrival time might be delayed due to all kinds of force majeure causes such as weather, traffic jam, traffic accidents, holiday events, riots and strikes. Please bear with us if such cases occurred. If you have following schedule after group, we strongly advise to reserve at least 3 hours ahead,to any avoid inconvenience caused by delayed travel. KaiYuan is not responsible for any loss of your own schedule because you have not reserved enough spare time.

7. Overseas Travel Safety Instructions and Other Precautions
In order to protect your interests to the full extent, please read carefully the following "Overseas Travel Safety Notices and Other Precautions".
(1) Tips
➢ Some attractions have student discounts. Students are advised to bring student ID cards.
➢ European countries have different standards for plugs (eg Italian and Swiss plugs are different from German plugs), please bring your own different socket adapters.
➢ For safety reasons, most car dealers require children to occupy their own seats regardless of age. However, most buses do not have a separate child safety seat. Parents with children under the age of 3 can prepare child safety seat themselves. There is no guarantee that your safety seats can be installed on coaches.
(2) Safety Instructions
➢ The weather is changeable.So we advise to carry rain gear and warm clothes with you.
➢ Please take good care of your property and baggage. KaiYuan is not responsible for any loss or theft.
➢ Clearly fill in the name and contact on the baggage for identification. When lost baggage is found, it is convenient to return to you.Call policeman to retrieve a report paper. If it is not found in the end, the report paper must be retained to claim compensation from the relevant institution like insurance company.
➢ Breakfast is included in the hotel. Lunch and dinner is on participant’s own expense. Participants are recommended to bring water and dry food with them in case of emergency.
➢ Do not drink unclean water. Do not eat unsanitary or unpleasant smell food.
➢ Do not accept cigarettes, food or drinks from strangers.
➢ Please bring common medicines with you. Participants with long-term illness should carry medical records for emergency use. Do not take the medicines provided by others at will.
➢ KaiYuan does not provide alcohol. Participants who like to drink should strictly control their alcohol consumption during the journey. If there is financial losses or personal injuries caused by drinking ,the responsible person shall bear all responsibility.
➢ Most hotels do not provide daily necessities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers, kettles, etc. Please bring your own daily necessities.
➢ During exhibition or other major events, KaiYuan reserves the right to change hotel without notice.
➢ Most triple rooms are a large bed plus a small bed.Two adults and one child under age 14 are allowed in a triple room.
➢ According to your chosen room type,KaiYuan will arrange rooms first by same order number and then by same sex. If you are not willing to share room with others, you can choose to pay extra fee for single room guarantee. In some special circumstances, such as insufficient single rooms in high season or other uncontrollable reasons, which may cause changes in room type , please cooperate with our arrangement. If the participant chose wrong gender or room type, KaiYuan will make adjustment accordingly. However, the participant has to bear additional costs.
➢ Please keep your valuables along with you. Do not put them in the hotel. Do not carry a lot of cash, expensive watches or jewelry with you. Please keep your passports and identification documents with you.
➢ Please take good care of your belongings and luggage. KaiYuan is not responsible for any loss or theft.
➢ Please do not smoke in hotel room. Any damage, loss or penalty by hotel will be borne by smokers.
➢ Please read safety instructions of hotel after checking in. Check if windows of the room can be opened, and the location of the fire-fighting supplies, familiarize yourself with safe exits of the hotel, the location of the safety stairs and the safe escaping route.
➢ Please check if the hotel is equipped with all necessary supplies. If there is any damage, please report to attendant or reception immediately.
➢ Don't tell strangers your room location. Don't let strangers in your room. Lock the door entering and leaving the room. Make sure door locked and windows are closed before sleep.
On and off:
➢ All participants of the group must gather on time and start on time. Please arrive at the pick-up point 15 minutes in advance. The bus cannot wait. Fail to join group at agreed time and place is regarded as automatic giving up. The cost is not refundable.
➢ The time on the website is estimated. The specific boarding and pick-up time is subject to change and will be notified by our tour guides. In case of traffic jams or other special circumstances, the bus cannot arrive at the pick-up place on time. We will notify you ahead.Please be patient.
➢ We have three types of buses: 49 seater big bus, 19 seater medium bus, and 9 seater minibus. Given limited space in the baggage compartment of the bus, it is recommended not to carry too much luggage when travelling. KaiYuan arranges vehicles according to size of group and guarantees one person one seat.
➢ In order to avoid overcrowding in front of the attractions, bus parking lot in most places is far from the attractions. Drivers are not allowed to park at random. Sometimes location of getting on and off is far from the attraction. We thank you for your understanding.
Bus safety tips:
➢ Do not smoke in the bus.
➢ Do not bring prohibited items.
➢ Do not on damage any objects in the bus.
➢ During temporary stop, please obey tour guide’s instruction and do not stay away.
➢ Please carry personal valuables and important ID documents with you. Do not leave them in bus.
➢ If the bus breaks down midway,KaiYuan will quickly make remedial measures. Please cooperate with guide. We thank you for your understanding.

Other Notices and Precautions
➢ Please comply with local laws.
➢ Be sure to bring your relevant documents and valid passport with you.
➢ When participating in group activities, please follow the instructions of the tour guide to ensure safety.
➢ Before participating in high-risk activities, you must make sure you are in good health.Follow safety guidelines of the activities, such as wearing a life jacket, wearing a seat belt, wearing appropriate or designated clothing.
➢ Do not participate in activities that are suspected of being illegal.
➢ Pay attention to warning signs, such as do not feed animals in the park.

8. Payment Instructions
Payment method:
You can choose bank transfer, credit card, cash or online payment. We accept dollars, euros and RMB.
Please note:
All payments have to be done before trip. We do not accept onboard cash payment.
(1) Bank transfer:
Please transfer to designated account. Any service fee generated by bank is borne by the payer.
(2) Online Payment:
Our system will send an Email with payment links after order submitted. You can either pay by credit card or debit card.
Please note:
l Credit card payment requires 2% additional service fee.
l If it is not your credit card, please provide the cardholder's signature and order number.
(3) Cash payment
Cash payment can only be paid to KaiYuan office. Please make a phone call in advance to make sure we are open on the day.

Global Customer Services: 0049-89-38038800
E-mail: travel@kaiyuan.de
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