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Day trip to the Cannes + Grasse + Saint Paul(Nice Round ) [NO. 3302] Double Check

D1 Nice Cannes Grass Saint Paul Nice
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Special rate for children
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Route: Day trip to the Cannes + Grasse + Saint Paul(Nice Round ) [ Europe ]

Departure: nice(Anglais ) Time: Departure:08:00,Meeting point: 65 Prom. des Anglais
nice(Phocéens) Time: Departure:08:10,Meeting point:4 avenue des Phocéens
nice(IBIS) Time: Departure:08:30,Meeting point:14 av Thiers
nice(l'Europe) Time: Departure:08:50,Meeting point:Parvis de l'Europe

End: nice

Outline: Nice - Cannes - Grasse - Saint Paul - Nice

Discounts: No special rate for children

Attractions overview
  • Cannes
  • Study Tour_Glass Town
  • St Paul-de-Vence
Tour Overview
  • self-care

  • 5 Joining Points

  • Comfortable Bus/Car

  • Meals See Itinerary Introduction for more details about meal

  • Chinese tour guide

  • --None

Day 1 Nice Cannes Grass Saint Paul Nice
08:00-09:00 Pick up the bus at the designated location in Nice and go to the attractions: Cannes Cannes is a paradise for movies. The Palace of Cinema attracts countless film pilgrims from all over the world every year. The red carpet gives it a unique charm. Every May, Cannes is full of superstars, the sea is blue and the sun is shining. This cozy coastal town shines brightly because of the film festival. Go to attractions: Grasse to Grasse, the flowery town of Grasse is known as the perfume capital of the world. The manufacture of French perfume not only originated here, but also is the world's most famous supplier of perfume raw materials. Provide raw materials for major first-line perfume factories. Go to Attractions: St. Paul Go to St. Paul, a coastal town in southeastern France. It is like a dazzling gem set between Provence and the Cote d'Azur, falling on the towering rocks, exuding an ancient and beautiful light. As an old medieval town on the French Riviera, it is known as "one of the most beautiful towns in the world". Return to Nice at about 18:00, ending a pleasant day trip.
Nice to Nice on the group time: 08:00, on the group location: Promenade des Anglais bus station 65 Prom. des Anglais (the second platform on the sidewalk on the sea side) On the group time: 08:10, on the group location: Al 4 avenue des Phocéens at the entrance of Bei I Hotel Time: 08:30, place: 14 av Thiers at the entrance of IBIS Hotel (near Nice Central Railway Station) 14 av Thiers Time: 08:50, place: Parvis de Nice l'Europe (located between the Novotel Hotel NOVOTEL and the NH Hotel)
All day

Please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes in advance to wait for the driver to avoid delays

The above itinerary may be adjusted according to the actual situation of the day

  • St Paul-de-Vence
  • Cannes
  • Study Tour_Glass Town
[ St Paul-de-Vence ]



[ Cannes ]

In the movie paradise, the movie palace attracts countless movie lovers every year to take pictures. Every year in May , it is a superstar.

[ Study Tour_Glass Town ]

Grass Town has the world's top perfume production area and holiday resort. Grass Town is a model of characteristic industrial towns. It is dominated by the flower field processing industry, and expands to perfume tourism and high-end flower field vacations to achieve industrial extension drive. Grass Town has many reputations such as "the world's perfume capital", "the cradle of French perfume" and "the most fragrant town in the world", leading a natural, harmonious and romantic way of life.

Morning: Self-care Lunch: Self-care Dinner: Self-care
Price Explanation

Fee includes

  • Driver and guide service (driver and guide do not accompany customers to visit tourist attractions)
  • Tourist car, fuel cost, toll fee, parking fee

Fee not included

  • Tips for the driver (4 euros/person);
  • meal costs;
  • Attraction tickets or self-paid items;
  • Any expenses not mentioned in all personal consumption and expenses included
  • Overtime fee (60 EUR/hour)
Recommended activity reference (at your own expense)
The above is only the reference price, if the price is adjusted, it will be subject to the announcement at that time.
For self-funded projects, please cooperate with and obey the tour guide's itinerary.

In order to protect your interests to the greatest extent, please read our "Registration Instructions and Responsibility Rules" carefully. Our "Registration Instructions and Responsibility Rules" are important matters that our company advises outbound travel group members, and are in conjunction with our "Overseas Travel Safety Instructions and Others" Notes" are also part of the travel contract. Our company reserves all rights of interpretation of the content of this website.

(1) Registration process and precautions

When registering through this site, please carefully read all the terms published on the company's website, order confirmation, and group joining notice in advance. After you submit the order, our company will treat you as confirming and fully agreeing to the terms published by our company; if If a member violates the rules mentioned in each clause, all consequences shall be borne by the member.

1. When registering, please go to the website to fill in the registration form first. Please fill in the information carefully and check whether the information you filled in including your name, gender, ID number, contact information, required room type, pick-up and drop-off points, etc. are correct. Individuals may fill in the wrong registration information. Our company is not responsible for any losses caused; after successful submission, our company will send you an order confirmation; due to limited seats on the tour bus, our company will give priority to the group according to the arrival situation, please verify that it is correct before the order is valid Arrange payment within the time limit. If you fail to pay the tour fee within the due date, you will be automatically terminated from the tour. Our company has the right to cancel your order.

2. Group members must ensure that 100% of the tour fee is paid before the tour is launched; due to limited seats on the tour bus, group members who register within five working days before the tour is requested to take the initiative to complete the payment in time, otherwise the company has the right to make changes based on the specific circumstances. Class orders can be retained or canceled without prior consent of the registrant; no matter how the group payment is made, the handling fee will be borne by the payer; after payment, please provide the payment voucher (bank counter remittance slip, Screenshot of the successful online transfer interface) and send it to our company via email or fax. Please be sure to note the corresponding order number in the voucher, otherwise the finance department will not be able to verify the amount corresponding to the order; if the payment is late due to the team ending If the group payment has not arrived in the account in the first two days, our company has the right to require the group members to pledge the corresponding group money in cash to the tour guide. If it is later verified to be a double payment, our company will immediately refund the overpayment;

3. After our company confirms that it has received the payment from the group members, it will confirm the group members' participation in the group. The group members will receive a group joining notice in the mailbox filled in the registration form one day before the group departure, including the tour guide, itinerary, pick-up and drop-off points and other information for reference. ;Due to network delays or spam mailbox blocking functions, group members may not receive the group joining notice one day before the group departure. If this happens, please contact the relevant staff for help.

4. Seniors over 70 years old must be accompanied by a family member and fill out the "Tour Group Participation Declaration" when registering for a group tour; if they are not accompanied by a family member and insist on signing up for the group tour, our company has the right to refuse the application based on the circumstances. All consequences caused by the group members during the trip shall be borne by the group members;

5. If a pregnant woman is participating in the tour, she must state the truth when registering; if the pregnancy period is more than 24 weeks, it is not recommended to participate in the tour in principle. If you insist on registering to participate in the tour, you must be accompanied by a family member and fill in the "Disclaimer", but I The company has the right to refuse acceptance based on circumstances; if the pregnancy period is less than 24 weeks and insists on signing up to participate in the tour, a family member must accompany them and fill out the "Tour Group Participation Statement", but our company has the right to refuse acceptance based on circumstances. All consequences caused by personal reasons of the group members during the trip shall be borne by the group members.

6. Minors participating in a group must be accompanied by at least one adult who must fulfill their guardianship obligations and be responsible for the safety of the minor. During the travel process, any consequences caused by the minor member's own fault or the accompanying person's negligence shall be borne by the group member.

7. Group members need to confirm that all the information provided for group participation is accurate, among which personal document information and contact phone numbers are particularly important; if there are any consequences due to incorrect information provided by the group members (such as: due to expired personal documents, or the type of visa does not meet the requirements for entry into the relevant country Travel regulations and other issues prevent transit; the tour guide and other relevant staff are unable to contact the tour group due to incorrect mobile phone numbers provided by the group participants), the resulting personal return costs, transportation expenses, travel expenses and other losses will be borne by the group participants People bear their own responsibility.

8. Applicants are kindly requested not to book any air tickets and various types of tickets related to the itinerary before the order is confirmed. If the group members book air tickets and various types of tickets related to the itinerary due to their personal wishes but are ultimately unable to successfully register, all losses will be incurred. It is the responsibility of the registrant.


(2) Tour group fees

1. Fees include:

1) Luxury air-conditioned tour bus or other means of transportation specified in the itinerary.

2) An experienced Chinese tour leader will accompany the group and lead the tour.

2. Fees do not include:

1) Driver, tour guide and various tips.

2) Various meal expenses during the trip.

3) Expenses during free activities.

4) Attraction tickets, boat tickets and bridge crossing fees for self-funded travel items listed in the itinerary.

5) Various personal expenses incurred by the group members during the itinerary, such as: non-free meals on transportation, overweight baggage fees; laundry, phone calls, telegrams, beverages and alcohol fees during the stay; hotel expenses for those who extend their stay; personal injuries and illnesses Medical expenses, costs and rewards for recovering personal lost items, etc.

6) Various medical insurance, personal safety insurance and luggage insurance costs.

7) Additional expenses caused by force majeure factors such as weather, traffic delays, strikes, vehicle breakdowns, personal issues and circumstances beyond the company's control.

8) All expenses after leaving the group.

Our company reserves the right of final interpretation for other fees not listed in the above paragraph.


(3) Withdrawal from the group

1. Withdraw from the group

The company does not charge any cancellation fees more than 7 days before departure;
5-7 days before departure (including the 7th day), the company will collect 50% of the amount receivable on the registration order;
If all parking spaces have been confirmed within 4 days before departure (including the 4th day), the company will not refund the travel fee you paid;


(4) Member obligations

1. Group members are not allowed to engage in illegal activities during the tour.

2. When exercising their rights, league members shall not harm the interests of the country, society, the collective, or the legitimate rights and interests of others.

3. Observe public order and respect social ethics. Tour members should respect the personality of tourism service personnel, respect and assist each other with other group members; respect local ethnic customs and customs; it is strictly forbidden to graffiti on landscapes and buildings, and spitting or littering is strictly prohibited Garbage and other uncivilized behavior.

4. Strive to master the knowledge required for travel and improve your awareness of self-protection. Group members can choose and purchase travel personal accident insurance and other insurances on their own. They should properly keep their luggage and items during travel, and carry valuables with them or take other protective measures.

5. When traveling, please pay attention to the local climate and the safety of children. ​

6. When group members voluntarily participate in dangerous tourism projects included in regular travel itineraries, including rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting, diving, bungee jumping and other tourism projects that may cause personal injury to the group members, if other disputes, property losses or personal injuries are caused by the resulting The responsibility of the members is personal and does not involve the responsibility of our company.


(5) Responsibility

1. The company reserves the right to change the accommodation location, travel itinerary, tourist attractions and departure date according to specific circumstances.

2. In the event of insufficient number of people, or problems with the ship/airplane, or other changes beyond the control of our company, our company reserves the right to change and cancel the itinerary. In the event of cancellation, our company will fully refund the fees or recommendations paid by the group members. If you choose a similar product instead, the company will not be responsible for canceling any itinerary.

3. In the event of social unrest, terrorist activities, major infectious epidemics, natural disasters, natural disasters, riots, murders, riots, wars and other disasters beyond the company's control that may seriously endanger the personal safety of group members, as well as unexpected situations such as weather, traffic, strikes, etc. , the company has the right to cancel or replace any tour item before or after departure, and also has the right to shorten or extend the trip, but group members should be notified in advance. The company will not be involved in any additional expenses or losses incurred, and members may not object or withdraw for any reason.

4. Since security issues vary from country to country, group members are requested to pay attention to personal and traffic safety, and take good care of their belongings and luggage. If any loss or damage occurs due to loss, theft, robbery, etc. during the trip, please notify the group leader in time and respond accordingly If you call the police promptly, our company will not assume any legal responsibility;

5. Group members must carry valid passports and documents with them. If the group withdraws midway due to problems with the documents or passports, the participants will be responsible for their own responsibilities, and the remaining tour fee will not be refunded. If this affects the normal schedule of other group members, the group members shall bear corresponding liability for compensation.

6. If a group member encounters an accident during the trip (such as an accident while participating in entertainment or game projects, or illness, death, fall, injury caused by personal activities, or a group member violates the regulations and instructions stated in our company's contract) resulting in personal injury or death or In case of property damage, the relevant responsibilities and expenses shall be borne by the members themselves; the company will not be responsible for such casualties or property losses; if this causes losses to our company, the members shall bear the liability for compensation.

7. If a group member deliberately fails to abide by the rules or interferes with the normal activities and interests of the group, the company leader has the right to cancel his or her qualification to participate in the group, and the fees paid will not be refunded, and the company has nothing to do with the group member's actions after leaving the group.

8. The times marked in the itinerary are reference times. The actual arrival time may be delayed due to various force majeure reasons such as weather, traffic jams, traffic accidents, festivals, events, riots and strikes, etc. Please forgive us. If the group members have subsequent travel arrangements and need to take other transportation to other cities, it is strongly recommended to reserve at least 3 hours of free time to avoid inconvenience caused by delayed travel. Our company is not responsible for any losses caused by members not reserving enough free time for their own itinerary.


(6) Overseas travel safety instructions and other matters needing attention

In order to protect your interests to the greatest extent, please read our "Safety Instructions for Overseas Travel and Other Precautions" carefully. Our "Safety Instructions for Overseas Travel and Other Precautions" are important matters that our company advises members of outbound travel groups. They are in conjunction with our "Safety Instructions for Overseas Travel and Other Precautions". "Registration Instructions and Responsibility Rules" are also part of the travel contract.

(1) Warm reminder

1. Most tourist attractions in Europe have discounts for students, and students are advised to bring their student cards.

2. European countries have different plug standards (for example, the plugs in Italy and Switzerland are different from those used in Germany). If necessary, please bring your own different socket adapters.

3. For safety reasons, European bus companies stipulate that children must occupy a seat regardless of their age; since most buses do not have additional child safety seats, parents who bring children under 3 years old to the tour can prepare their own, but one child safety seat can only It occupies one seat, so there is no guarantee that all self-contained safety seats will be suitable for the tour bus, please note.

(2) Safety instructions


1. The weather in Europe is changeable, so be sure to bring rain gear and a thicker jacket with you.

2. Please take good care of your belongings and luggage; our company will not be responsible if any loss or theft occurs.

3. Clearly write your name and contact information on your luggage for identification purposes and to facilitate the return of lost luggage if it is found. If your luggage is lost, you should notify relevant organizations (such as hotels, airlines, etc.) and call the police as soon as possible. If it cannot be recovered in the end, you must keep the report paper to claim compensation from the relevant organization or insurance company (if you have purchased insurance).


1. The tour guide will try his best to assist the group members in need to arrange a Chinese-style group meal. If the number of diners cannot reach the number of people who want the group meal or it is impossible to arrange Chinese meals due to holidays, business hours or other reasons (such as there are no Chinese restaurants in small cities), the tour guide will try his best to arrange a Chinese-style group meal. Assist in arranging fast food, Western food or meals in supermarkets and hotels for guests. We apologize if the meals arranged due to the itinerary cannot meet the requirements of all group members; it is recommended that group members bring mineral water, dry food and other food with them in case of emergencies.

2. Do not drink unclean water, and do not eat unhygienic or smelly or spoiled food; when traveling to areas with poor environmental sanitation, you should choose cooked food and packaged drinks.

3. Do not accept or consume cigarettes, food or drinks from strangers.

4. To prevent acclimatization during the trip, bring commonly used or customary medicines. People with chronic illnesses should bring their medical records with them in case of emergency. Never take medicines provided by others at will.

5. Our club does not provide or arrange drinking. Group members who like to drink should strictly control their alcohol consumption during the trip. If drunkenness causes trouble, disrupts social order, infringes upon others, or causes financial losses to third parties, all responsibility will be borne by the perpetrator himself.


1. On and off:

① All members of the tour group must assemble on time and depart on time. Please arrive at the pick-up location 15 minutes in advance. Our company's tour bus will not wait. If you fail to gather and depart according to the agreed time and place, or fail to join midway, it will be deemed to be automatic. If you give up, the fee will not be refunded.

② The boarding and alighting times indicated on the webpage are all estimated times. The specific boarding and alighting locations are subject to confirmation by the company (if due to traffic conditions or other special circumstances, the bus of our company cannot arrive at the boarding location on time or the time is temporarily changed, the bus will not arrive at the boarding location on time or the time is temporarily changed. The company will notify you in time, please be patient).

③ Passenger buses are divided into three types: buses, minibuses and 9-seat minibuses: General buses have luggage compartments dedicated to storing luggage, while minibuses and 9-seat minibuses have relatively small space for luggage storage; in view of the limited space in the luggage compartment of buses, It is recommended not to carry too much luggage when traveling.

④ In order to avoid overcrowding in front of the scenic spots, the bus parking areas in most European cities are far away from the scenic spots. Drivers are not allowed to park casually. Violators will be subject to high fines. Sometimes the pick-up and drop-off locations are some distance from the scenic spots. Please understand .

2. Safety tips for taking a bus:

① Smoking is prohibited in the car.

② Please do not bring prohibited items.

③ Do not fiddle with anything on the car at will to avoid unnecessary damage.

④ During the temporary stop of the bus, follow the tour guide’s arrangements and do not stay away.

⑤ When group members get off the bus for sightseeing, dining, or shopping, please close the windows of the tour vehicle and carry your valuables with you. The travel agency is not responsible for any loss or theft.

⑥ Due to the long journey time and heavy vehicle loads, if the car breaks down and affects the itinerary, the travel agency will quickly take remedial measures, and group members are requested to actively cooperate.

(3) Other instructions and precautions

1. Please comply with local laws.

2. Please be sure to carry relevant documents and a valid passport with you.

3. When participating in group activities, you should follow the instructions of the group leader/tour guide and avoid leaving the group for safety reasons.

4. Before participating in various higher-risk activities, you must evaluate your personal health status and ability, and abide by the safety guidelines of the relevant activities, such as wearing a life jacket, buckling a seat belt, wearing appropriate or designated clothing, etc. Please try your best not to participate in these activities during your free time during the tour.


Questions previously answered may have different answers due to many reasons: season (date and year of travel), rates, availability, etc. Please contact us for more information. Online Chat

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