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Two-day tour in Mexico:Cholula+Puebla+Taxco+Cuernavaca [NO. 2974]

D1 Mexico City Cholula Puebla Mexico City D2 Mexico City Cuernavaca Tasco Mexico City
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Route: Two-day tour in Mexico:Cholula+Puebla+Taxco+Cuernavaca [ Mexico ]

Departure: Mexico Time: Departure:09:00 Meeting point:hotel

End: Mexico

Outline: Mexico City - Cholula - Puebla - Mexico City - Mexico City - Cuernavaca - Taxco - Mexico City

Discounts: No special rate for children

Attractions overview
  • Silver City - Taxco
  • Cuernavaca town
  • Cholula pyramid
  • Popocatepet
  • Puebla City
Tour Overview
  • Self-care

  • 2 Joining Points

  • Comfortable Bus/Coach

  • Meals See Itinerary Introduction for more details about meal

  • English-speaking tour guide

  • --

Day 1 Mexico City Cholula Puebla Mexico City
At 9:00 in the morning, take a bus to the Cholula Pyramid and visit the Bobokatpet Volcano. In the afternoon, take a bus to Puebla and visit the cathedrals of Puebla and Santo Domingo, which are known as the city of the angels. Return to Mexico City at 17:00 and happily end the day's itinerary! The next group time is about 18:30.
On-board time: 9:00 On-site location: Hotel in Mexico City
All day

* Restrictions on the number of members: The group will be issued on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for at least one person. It needs to be confirmed twice.

*The above travel time is local time, and may be adjusted due to weather, road conditions, etc. Please understand.

  • Cholula pyramid
  • Puebla City
  • Popocatepet
[ Cholula pyramid ]

The Cholula Pyramid is a pyramid built by the Indians to commemorate the rain snake gods. It is also one of the largest and longest pyramids ever discovered in the American continent. At the top of the tower is a church built by the Spanish colonists, overlooking the famous active volcano of Popocappet.

[ Puebla City ]

Known as the “City of Angels”, the small city of Puebla is home to more than 100 large and small churches, especially the Santo Domingo church in the city centre, with views of the old town built of tiles and fine rocks. , Dessert Street, Parian Market, Artists Alley, Baroque Rose Church, St. Monica Monastery, etc.

[ Popocatepet ]

It is located 70 kilometers southeast of Mexico City and has a history of about 730,000 years. Until recently, the volcano was still one of the three glaciers in Mexico. Since the Spanish conquered Mexico in 1519, there have been more than 15 major outbreaks in the Popocatepet volcano, one of which occurred in 1947.

Breakfast: Self-care lunch: self-catering dinner: take care of yourself
Day 2 Mexico City Cuernavaca Tasco Mexico City
At 9:00 in the morning, take a bus to Cuernavaca and visit the leisurely town of Eternal Spring, Cuernavaca (for lunch). In the afternoon, take a bus to Taxco and visit the small town of Taxco and the Church of Pliska. Return to Mexico City at 17:00 and happily end the day! The next group time is about 19:00
On-board time: 9:00 On-site location: Mexico City hotel or accommodation waiting
All day

  • Silver City - Taxco
  • Cuernavaca town
[ Silver City - Taxco ]

As one of the charming colonial towns of Mexico, Tasco has a distinctive character. The Priska Church in the heart of the city has exhausted the life assets of the funders but has become the most moving Baroque building in Mexico. Taxco is also a good place to shop. Every household is mainly selling silver jewelry, with beautiful design and unique shape.

[ Cuernavaca town ]

As the capital of the upper class of Morelos, there is an awesome charm around Cuernavaca. There is a vast array of manor houses and endless villas. Due to its warm climate, fresh air and charming architecture, the past has attracted a large number of celebrities including Iranian king and jazz musician Charlie Mingus.

Breakfast: Self-care lunch: self-catering dinner: take care of yourself
Price Explanation

The fee includes:

1) Hotel or accommodation transfer (transfer range: Mexico City hotel area and urban area)

2) Full-time special car

3) Driver and tour guide service (default language is English)

4) Traffic insurance

The fee does not include:

1) Catering expenses

2) Self-generated shopping expenses

3) Driver and tour guide tips ($2 per person per day)

4) Other items not included in the above “Cost included”


Notes to the Mexican delegation
1. Climate: Mexico City (Mexico City) has an average elevation of about 2,200 meters. Please prepare altitude sickness drugs. Mexico City has a cool and dry climate all year round. In the morning and evening, you must wear a jacket and pay attention to drink plenty of water. The seaside resort of Cancun enjoys a pleasant winter climate, so you can enjoy the sun and pay attention to sun protection.
2. Travel documents: Air tickets, valid passports (minimum 6 months validity), green cards, Mexican visas or US visas, please save them.
Before entering the immigration clearance in Mexico, all passengers need to complete the Travel Card and the Customs Card, one for each travel card and one for each family. You must complete it for inspection before you arrive in Mexico.
3. Carrying items: rain gear, camera, film, camera battery, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, beach equipment, personal daily medication. If you carry small appliances, Mexico's local voltage is 110/60, which is the same as the US, and the plug specifications are the same as those in the United States. If you use a European standard plug, be sure to prepare the adapter.
In addition, visitors are advised to bring the following items:
- sunscreen, sunglasses, hats;
- sports shoes
- swimwear, slippers, towels, toothbrush and toothpaste;
- Wind oil or cool oil
- some dollars or euro cash

4. Local Mexican regulations and customs:
1). Mexico's unique humanistic customs and historical environment have created attractions such as churches, plazas and fountains in various places. Some of these attractions are free to open to the public. The tour guides will arrange some attractions to visit according to the actual situation. Some of the attractions, such as the city hall, the university, etc., have a very local architectural style; however, as a typical symbol of the city, it is also the actual office location of the government or a place for students to study. This part of the scenic spot cannot guarantee that the day will definitely be allowed to enter. You can look and take a photo;
2). As all accommodation, car and attraction tickets in the team trip are packaged as a whole package for travel agency, if you are unable to visit for your own reasons, it will be deemed to be waived automatically, and the travel agency will not be able to refund the fee. Please understand;

3). The Mexican government stipulates that smoking is prohibited in public places and in the rooms. If it is found, it will be severely punished by relevant local law enforcement agencies. According to the laws and regulations of each state, there is a limit on the amount of fines, and the amount of fines can vary from 500 to 10,000 pesos. Please be strictly observed to avoid unnecessary economic losses;
4). Mexico has the habit of tipping:
1 After the meal, generally pay 10%-15% of the meal fee as a tip, leave the cost on the table;
2 At the end of the daily itinerary, you can hand over the driver/guide's tip to you before you get off the bus (included in the itinerary).

5. Shopping and tax refund policy:
1). The travel agency promises you that there is no compulsory shopping behavior and no specific shopping places. Shopping is your personal behavior, so check the quality of the item after you purchase it. If the quality problem is discovered after the end of the trip, it will be complicated if it is replaced or returned. The specific circumstances are different. Whether the replacement or refund can be realized depends on the specific situation;
2). Shopping tax rebate is a policy of Mexico. In order to ensure your interests, please ask in detail before the purchase whether the purchased goods can be refunded;
3). Shopping is a personal act. If the store and the customs have no contract or airport reasons (the aircraft is late, the bank is closed, the customs inspection time is tight, etc.), the travel agency is not responsible for the tax refund business.

6. Safety matters:
1). Visitors should pay attention to personal safety and property safety during the tour. Especially in places such as scenic spots, hotel lobbies, department stores, restaurants, etc., the places where tourists gather are more likely to be stolen. Please be sure to follow the guide and pay attention to the companionship. During the play, always pay attention to the safety of the items you carry with you;
2). When travelling by car, please carry your cash, documents or valuables with you and do not place them in the seat of the vehicle. When leaving the hotel or transportation, please be sure to bring your cash, documents or valuables with you.
Because the hotel is not responsible for the safety of the valuables of the tourists in the room, the driver is not responsible for the safety of the valuables of the passengers on the vehicle, and the insurance company does not insure the cash;
3). The travel agency will not be responsible for any loss of any financial (ticket, passport, money, clothing, etc.) due to personal negligence; and it is not possible to delay the group tour.

7. Currency exchange time difference:

1). At present, the Mexican peso is the main currency of Mexico. The RMB cannot be exchanged directly. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring the international currency such as US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars and other local currency to local currency. In addition, most hotels, supermarkets, shops and Restaurants can use international credit cards such as MASTER and VISA. The China UnionPay card can only be withdrawn from the ATMs of Citigroup's Banamex in Mexico. In addition to preparing credit cards, please prepare as much as possible for change.
2). There is a 14-hour time difference between Mexico and China in winter. Please arrange your work according to the situation.

8. Risk warning:
1). Mexican cuisine is internationally renowned, but its taste and content are still very different from those in China; and local dining time is generally late – lunch starts after 13:00 and dinner ends after 19:00. If the meal does not meet your eating habits or tastes during the meal, you can ask for help.
2). The Chinese restaurant in Mexico has a big gap in size and taste compared with the domestic one. The Chinese restaurant is relatively small in size and the environment is not as good as the domestic one. The taste of the food has been more westernized in order to adapt to local eating habits, and due to local raw materials. And the seasoning is not complete enough, the taste is not pure, I hope you can understand;
3). Please pay attention to safety during free activities, and avoid walking alone on the street at night to avoid danger;
4). Due to the late development of tourism in Mexico and the relative backwardness of tourism resources, the English level of local people cannot be compared with our nationals, which may cause obstacles to your communication. Please understand!
5). The general work efficiency in Latin America is low. When you check in or check out at the hotel, the queue is in the airport and other situations, please wait patiently. Our tour guides and related service personnel will do their best to serve you. Tourists are advised to pay attention to tourism civilization, respect local customs and customs, and maintain the image of Chinese tourists overseas.

9. Other notes:
1). When entering the tourist destination peak season, overseas hotels are usually full. The planned team's itinerary may be changed reasonably due to exhibitions, sports events, religious holidays, public holidays, etc. Please forgive me. We will notify you in advance of the itinerary change;
2). Some self-funded project fees include comprehensive fees such as tickets, fares, tour guides and driver service fees, parking fees, city fees, and booking fees;

3). According to international practice, the average daily working time of tour guides and drivers will generally not exceed 10 hours (including halfway breaks);
4). Tourism expenses do not include loss of personal and property caused by tourists due to breach of contract, their own faults, acts during free activities or their own diseases;
5). In order to protect their own rights and interests, it is recommended that tourists purchase travel accident insurance and property insurance in advance;
In addition: in view of the long flight time of Europe's flight lines, the number of aircraft segments is large, and often need to turn around, the journey is relatively tired, so the relative physical requirements of passengers are relatively high.
If the late arrival of individual guests may lead to the whole group's mistakes or delays, we will first consider ensuring the normal travel of most of the group members. Late arrivals are responsible for the goods, please understand the cooperation.


10. Local emergency assistance in Mexico:
- Fire: 068 or 57683477
- Police: 080
- Federal Police (Visitor Service): 061
- Ambulance: 55136723
- Mexico City Airport Inquiries: 24824424
- Chinese Embassy in Mexico on duty: 04455 54073017


Questions previously answered may have different answers due to many reasons: season (date and year of travel), rates, availability, etc. Please contact us for more information. Online Chat

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